Moisturizer Garnier Hydra Match (Moisture Rescue). Review

I do not like this way of Garnier - they love to play with names and appearance of products, so the same remedy can have different names in different countries. Well moisturiser for combination to oily skin Hydra Match has this name only on the south of Europe. I have no idea what is its name in the USA and other countries. The most close product that I've found in the US is "Moisture Rescue." However I think that is not totally the same product, but is adopted for different markets. So, I'll begin...

Moisturizer Garnier Hydra Match (Moisture Rescue). Review

In a nutshell, on the whole I'm happy with this moisturizer. Since it handles with a moisturizing function, and I do not expect anymore. Of the cons, I note that it is absorbed for a long time, longer than some its analogs. I write this post and it still has not adsorbed. And sometimes (in those days, when I have more sensitive skin), I feel some discomfort kinda burning. Fortunately, it happens not very often.

Needless to say, to describe the daily skin care products is very difficult because we don't wait for some kind of wow-effect, and all of our opinions can be stated in one sentence. I use this moisturizer every morning, but when it comes to moisturizing "here and now", I prefer to use express moisturizing mask from the Russian brand Faberlic. It is much more pleasant to use and leaves no effect of slick on the face (at least, because it needs to be washed off, unlike the Hydra Match moisturizer of Garnier).

The product promises to moisturize 24 hours, matt and even skin tone. The remedy contains green tea extract and mineral complex (the USA's version Moisture Rescue contains white grape extract as I see), allowing it to perform its function. In principle, in fact the moisturizer solves the problem of lack of moisture and oily shine. However , the duration of the effect is not so long, alas, miracles do not happen. After some time ( a few hours, or even faster if you use makeup) skin again turns oily. In Europe they tell about the product differently - somebody puts the full "A", and somebody the worst rating. But most of all accept that the product copes with its mission. And I am, with the exception of some reservations, inclined to agree with the majority.

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Have you ever tried this kind of product? What do you think about it?