Moisturizing hair mask

Hello, my dear kittens! Today is a day for my regular spa-treatment for the hair =) This time I will not resort to any strange and unusual procedures that I will limit the most simple and easy to use remedies. Moisturizing hair mask, which I'll be doing tonight, is simple to prepare and to use. As a basis I will take aloe vera gel (my fave *_*) and you can also tear fatty leaf from the aloe-vera's plant and grind it in a blender.

Para aqueles que falam português. Hoje o meu artigo é sobre como fazer mascara para hidratar o cabelo. A receita e a aplicação.

Recipe of moisturizing hair mask:

2 tbsp of aloe vera gel (or mashed aloe-vera's leafs)

2 tbsp chopped cucumber

1 tsp any kind of oil (olive, almond), I use almond.

Mix all ingredients and apply on totally dry or very well dried hair after washing. Otherwise, the mask will leak and all good stuff will not be adsorbed by the hair and scalp. Wrap the plastic wrap and a towel and wait half an hour =) The cucumber and the aloe deeply moisturize hair and scalp (very useful for girls who have dry scalp), and the oil will strengthen and add shine to the hair. After rinse the mask with shampoo, for rinsing all the oil away.

Do this mask once a week, and let your hair rest and give the recovery time after the daily hairstyling, drying, and your hair will say you "thank you", and will look much better =)

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! Meaow=*

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