My experiment. Glitter nail-art design

Hello, kittens =) Today I looked at my collection of nail polishes, I thought there are too much nail polishes here and I just have to do something. And my soul longed to do one simple, but nice-nail art. And, of course, in lollipop's colors and with a glitter. Glitter nail-art design is, of course, very girlish, but I thought, "Eva, it's too early you add yourself in the old women's list!" and I decided to use my lovely glitter.

Hoje, eu escrevo sobre como fazer nail arts com o glitter. Fique comigo e lê o meu tutorial;)

This mani is very simple. First apply the base, then use the base color (I did two layers, the color was so juicy). For this nail-art design is important to choose colors that will go well - ideally, it should be two shades of the one color, well, or two colors that are side by side in the spectrum.

Eu usei dois tons da esmalte para unhas para a criação de gradiente (por isso eu usei uma esponja em vez do pincel). Para as pontas das unhas eu usei o glitter, e apliquei-lo com o pincel. Eu usei no fim o fixador. Olha o resultado! ^^

O cor de esmalte para unhas é Lolli pop

After that we begin tricks. To ensure a smooth gradient from color to color, for application nail polish, I used a piece of a usual sponge (for washing dishes). I dripped a little bit of pink nail polish on the surface of the sponge and I started press the sponge with pink nail polish on the tip of the nail with "tapping" movements, covering approximately one third of the nail. I was waiting for a while, that the layer dried up and I dripped another drop of pink nail polish on the sponge. Again, I start to press the sponge to the nail, but already from the middle of the nail. Thus we get a layer of the pink polish in the middle, and two layers at the tip of the nail. One layer of nail polish is always semi-transparent, and the base layer "peeps" through it. So, we've got a smooth gradient. Don't worry if a little bit of the nail polish gets on the skin near of the nail - it can be removed by a cotton swab dipped in a nail polish remover, or you can keep your skin BEFORE, applying the oily cream on the skin around the nails.

Cor-de-rosa esmalte para unhas é Valentine

And finally, what a glitter nail-art design without a glitter? First, I applied a transparent varnish-fixative, and then gently applied a glitter with the brush on the tip of the nail. Again, I covered all with the fixative. Some sequins can move with the tip of the nail closer to the middle, but I think it's okay. Let a manicure get dry, but rather use the dryer, because so many nail polish's layers will dry for a long time. I was in a hurry, so I asked my husband to dress me :D It was funny to see him, panting, pulling jeans on my legs :D Because I could not touch to anything by my hands=)))

Glitter está brilhando no sol tão bonito

Do you like to experiment with a nail art? Which design do you like for a mani, kittens? I'll be waiting for your comments =)

Foi o post sobre como fazer nail-arts. Vocês gostam de experimentar com a nail-art? Qual é o design vocês gostam da mani, gatinhas? Eu vou esperar pelos vossos comentários =)

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