My Makeup of the Day. Neutral Shades

It seems to me, you all, dear, already think that I wear a crazy vibrant makeups only. No, I do not. My regular daily makeup looks absolutely neutral and cute. I love to use slightly shimmering shades of beige and brown. They make my eyes shining, and I look like a young girl. So I love this! Well, I will not talk about this a lot (I have nothing to say, this makeup is pretty usual), but I will share my look and a list of makeup products, that have been used for this.

My face: Primer Faberlic Lightness and Comfort, Foundations Gosh X-Ceptional Wear and Faberlic Perfection, Consealer Catrice, Blush Technic;

My eyes: Eyeshadow Techic, Eyeliner Essence, Brows Shadow Essence, Mascara Faberlic Panoramic Volume;

My lips: Lip Laquer Rimmel Apocalips Eclipse