My New Year Eve Makeup. Blue&Green Shine

I decided to make my New Year eve makeup according to traditions of the chinese horoscope, and a new year of Blue and Green Horse. Well, I do not believe in any Horoscopes, but a Russian way of celebrating is deeply imbued with chinese traditions. So, my makeup was blue. With green. Yes. I do this type of makeup too often, apparently a combination of blue and green is my, ha ha, one love. Actually, I did nothing but makeup for the evening (we have not celebrated the way we should), so - all the attention to it.

My New Year Eve Makeup. Blue&Green Shine

As a foundation I've used the primer Faberlic Lightness and Comfort, for creating more natural skin tone I've mixed liquid foundation Gosh X-Ceptional Wear with more dark Faberlic Perfection. This turned out a solution of the problem of perpetual inconsistencies of foundation's shades!

Someone, by the way, advises to dilute unappropriate foundation with any moisturizer to make it lighter, but for me is hard to believe that the pigment of foundation will become lighter, rather the coverage will be uneven, like greasy spots. As for me, an idea to mix two shades of foundation is much more successful, all of us have a different skin tone, even for one person it may be different in various parts of a face.

For eyes I used my fave Technic Face Palette (well, why do I always use blue shades?), which, in honor of a wooden equids symbol of this year, I decided to dilute with a green shade (this palette has such a pretty pale shade of green, like apple-green that is just yum!). I lined my eyes with a black pencil of Sephora (a good product for daily use), and then with the blue eyeliner with sparkles of Prestige. And again I ignored a brush of a manufacturer, because I absolutely hate what eyeliners' creators offer to customers. Do they really think that a thick, short and blunt brush can create perfect thin line? To create fine lines I use unknown synthetic brushes made in China, which came to me as a bonus with one order from Romwe. First, I did not know what to do with them, but I found out they are so cool to draw eyelines and wings! I traditionally correct my eyebrows with Essence browshadows (I do not draw them especially, just trying to paint the bald spots), and for my eyelashes I used a mascara Faberlic Panoramic Volume. As for the lips, then again a lipstick of Faberlic: this time it was a shining Firebird #4539 Summer cool, and for lip contour I used Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil 070 I Got You Babe. Oh, here is the result!

    And I finally understood how to paint the eyelashes, so as not to spoil the already done makeup! Thanks to russian MUA and video-blogger Elena Krygina! =)))) She teaches us to draw a face properly=) That's my happy little achievement. ♥ Do you have secrets, how to apply mascara to not spoil thus all eyeshadows?