My top 5 make-up of this week

Hi, kittens! I write about make-up very seldom, because I prefer a natural cosmetic, and I do make-up not so often and just for a little time. But anyway - I love make-up! I even collect the most beautiful (on my opinion) make-up's pictures in my albums in social networks. Today the esthete rebelled in me and required me to make a post about make-up, that I liked most in this week. I plan to do this kind of post every week. So, My top 5 make-up of this week ;)

Hoje, vou compartilhar com voces as minhas maquiagem favoritas - top maquiagens. Top-5 dos meus make-up favoritos. Os fotos e os meus comentarios. Fique comigo! ^^ Amo e beijo.

The first of all, of course, nude make-up. One of the most simple and the one of the most cute make-up's trends. This one is made in yellow-peach shades with the golden shine. For the lips make-up artist used lip-gloss with 3d-effect. I love this make-up a lot!

Another one trend of the last season is the neon make-up. Veri-very colorfull and bright. Of course, you can't use it daily. But for parties of for the photo shoot - this make-up is one of the best options. Even in a usual day.. If you have dull mood - just do neon make-up and ask your boyfriend to take a pics of you! Your mood be so wonderful and colorful as well as this neon make-up! But, remember, kittens... For this type of make-up you need the big experience, so - you need to experiment before shooting ;)

Make-up for the party. Normally I don't use make-up, but when I'm going to club I'm making up for lost time... :D I prefere the one of the trend of make-up - a lot of a glitter. I like that my eyes shine like diamonds ^^ Also I make my lil body-art: I paint with an eyeliner the tracery from the little dots.

A lot of bloggers, who make make-up tutorials, permanently receive questions: How to do make-up for green or blue eyes? This one make-up is good for both. But it's very decorative: you can't use it for a work or for a study. But for the evening walk or party is what you need!

And my fave! Eyeliner's flicks ^^ I am in love with flicks of all sizes and colors and if I do make-up I always do flicks. I even can't remind, if I do make-up without eyeliner? The last time, maybe, it was a lot of years ago=) I've got a skill to paint the flicks a lot of time ago, so now all my make-up differ just the shapes of flicks. :D

É fui o meu top maquiagens. Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meow :3