My top 5 make-up of this week

Hi, my lovely kittens! How is your weekend? =) Well, I continue my traditional weekly "hit-parade" of makeups. Today I will share with you makeups in a summer style. First of them is made in colorful and juicy shades, reminds about fruits and berries=)

Ola, gatinhas! =* Hoje, vou compartilhar com voces as minhas maquiagem favoritas. Top-5 das minhas makeup favoritas. A primeira maquiagem é muito suculenta. Ela é feita em sombras frutas.

beryy makeup

The next makeup is colorful as well, and it reminds about the beauty of summer flowers. A maquiagem floral.

A maquiagem floral

For me, the summer is bright, colorful shades. One more wonderful floral makeup. A outra maquiagem floral.

A outra maquiagem floral

Bright candies are also associated with the summer, thanks to their juicy shades =) as well as makeup in candy colors;) A maquiagem de doces.

maquiagem de doces

After a hot summer day, you always want to dive into the cool water and feel the freshness and purity. Barely visible makeup give the freshness to the face, which is lacking in the heat of the summer =) A maquiagem nude.

Maquiagem nude.

What a makeup did you like more, kittens? Why?=) I will wait for your comments!

O qual é a maquiagem que vocês gostaram mais, gatinhas? Por quê? =) Eu vou aguardar pelos vossos comentários!

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Take care of your beauty! Love&kisses! Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3