My watch-list. Videos that are worth seeing

Kittens, today I share a collection of interesting videos! I invite to view those who like small, but interesting video clips! ;)

My watch-list. Videos that are worth seeing

Very Irrésistible Givenchy - Eau de toilette

Commercial video about a cowboy (cowgirl?) in Paris, only instead of the Colts her weapon is a perfume by Givenchy Very Irresistible. I love this mix of cultures and traditions!


Wonderful promo of Dior's watches, whose design is inspired by the beauty of one of the "five royal squares" of Paris - Place Vendome. Very graphic quality video tells us that some things over time are not getting old. Perhaps hinting at their watches, too;)

Gloss d'Enfer - Maxi Shine - GUERLAIN

Bright "cartoon"-like promotional video for the collection of nail polishes and lip glosses from Guerlain Maxi Shine. Typically girly funny movie. They say: "Play with colour and shine to capture your admirers' hearts even more than ever".

Artist Daniel Arsham travels to the Easter Islands the Louis Vuitton Travel Books

Interview with the artist who illustrated the Easter Islands for the Louis Vuitton Travel Books. Videos will be liked by the lovers of illustrations, books and travels =) Also there are books about London, New York and Paris in the LV editorial.

As for the entire collection of books:

Louis Vuitton Presents the 2013 Travel Books Collection

4 artists, 4 journeys, 4 wonderful places. A wonderful collection of books with illustrations of Paris, New York, London and Easter Island. I note that to describe the beauty of the places artists from different countries and cultures were invited. I think that is what has brought a zest to the writing of illustrations inspired by the large cities and Easter Island.

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue: behind the scenes

This video is for those who like to look behind the scenes! Behind the scenes video of promo for the toilet water Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I don't know about you, but I like to watch the photoshooting, the work of photographers and models. How much time and efforts are spent to create just a few beautiful pictures!

What interesting were you watching lately? Share links with me! =)

I wish you a wonderful day! I love you! ♥ Meow!