Nail Polish Nails4’Us #2071 Baryta. Review+Swatches

For the first time decided to try Portuguese lacquer product. Brand Nails4'Us is quite popular in the country, but I doubt - just lazy right now does not make nail polishes, and the quality is not always up to par. However, things do happen and there are sometimes pleasant exceptions. For me such an exception was the nail polish Nails4'Us #2071 Baryta. This shade of the main collection of the brand. Today I will share my impressions from the use of this nail polish.

Nail Polish Nails4’Us #2071 Baryta. Review+Swatches

Generally, Nails4'Us position themselves as gel nails brand, but still it seemed to me this nail polish has more liquid consistency than gel. And because of the liquid structure to make the one layer of nail polish on the nails is not enough - the nail plate shines through. But the second layer creates excellent coverage. By the way, can precisely because of such structure, the nail polish is applied very evenly, with no spots or stripes.

Speaking of application: brush seemed to me terribly uncomfortable. I can not paint my nails with my hand hanging in the air, I place always my hand on the table, so there was no tremor. But because of the short brush, nails those are already painted constantly "poked " in the table. If the brush would be longer, fingers of a working hand would not touch the table .

A few words about the shade #2071 Baryta. Is bright orange color with a strong yellow midtone, a kind of carrot color. At dusk it looks brick-red, and on the sun - yellow-orange. In regular lighting - a bright shade of carrot . I can compare it with shades of Dior Aloha, Chanel Holiday and Tom Ford Ginger Fire.

Orange Nail Polish Nails4’Us  #2071 Baryta. Review+Swatches

Nail polish dries just instantly! One layer dries almost within a minute, the second layer need a little more time. Finish is bright, smooth and very glossy. It's a pity that the gloss is lost on the second day - there are small scratches and abrasions. But I just should say - this may well be a individual case, because I'm constantly place my hands everywhere, play with the cats, and even floor paint will not last long on my nails =) Durability is actually pleasant - it will last three days safely, and for the girls who spare their hands (unlike me) even longer.

The whole palette of shades of brand Nails4'Us can be viewed on their website

I'm a little late with the summer shades, of course, but we have the summer is not over yet =) Do you like orange nail polishes?