Natural Honey Body Oil Argan. Review

Today I'm publishing my review of Natural Honey Body Oil Argan. I was wanting to try something with argan oil (I know, it's the one of the best natural products for skin care and hair care) for a long time, but for now I can't afford buying a full-fledged natural product (it is still rare enough oil, and argan tree is under protected from extermination). So when I saw the Natural Honey body oil, I decided that I would try this product. Actually, what it looks like, how I used it and my opinion - all is below.

Natural Honey Body Oil Argan. Review

As you have probably realized, this product is not entirely composed of argan oil, it is on the third place in the list (see composition below) of components, and the first is synthetic mineral oil ( to be precise - paraffin or vaseline oil). By itself, paraffin oil, despite its synthetic origin, plays an important role in moisturizing properties of the product. If it is applied on wet skin aftershowering, it creates a protective barrier that not allows moisture to evaporate from the skin, and also has a softening effect. The second is Parfume, giving the product pleasant and fairly strong oriental scent, which I am just crazy about! And only then it is the turn of argan oil, which is composed of omega 3, 6 and 9 polyunsaturated fatty acids, carotene and vitamin E.

Natural Honey Body Oil Argan. Composition of body oil

Body Oil, of course, is applying to the wet skin. But in addition to its main function, I found for it another use - makeup remover. Despite the widespread belief that synthetic oils have comedogenic properties, there was no pimple on my own acne-prone skin. The oil dissolves all thick layers of "camo" (I need it the most when I make art-makeup and have to use a lot of makeup products).

My opinion: personally I prefer to use this oil in the summer, when I can go after the shower naked. In the autumn I prefer oil-free skin care products for the body, which are instantly absorbed. The oil softens the skin, it is particularly good for the skin of elbows and feet, where it tends to be rough. As a makeup remover oil fits perfectly - dissolves even the most thick layers of makeup and waterproof makeup products. After use the oil, I wash off all with cleansing gel or liquid soap. I remove remains with face lotion. This is my usual face wash routine. The main advantage of this oil, in my opinion is the fragrance. It is persistent, and leaves nice scent trail for a long time. My husband likes to do massage with this oil: such a nice combination - as massage as well aromatherapy = )

Price: €6, made in Spain.