Pin-Up Makeup. Looks, tips and tutorials

Kittens, what an image appears in your mind when you hear the magic word "pin-up"? Bright dresses in "retro" style, beautiful scarves and fabulous curls gathered in bizarre hair-stylings .. And, of course, pin-up makeup! Bright lips and winged eyeliner that turns a girl's look in languid and graceful look of a wild cat.

In our time, the classic features of pin-up makeup have become only brighter, but have changed in essence little. So, let's try to recreate the look in pin-up style, I will share with you not only tips and tutorials, but also, I hope, will help you get inspiration for the creation of this wonderful look.

Pin-Up Makeup. Looks

I present to you a small photo collection of bright pin-up looks to help you choose your own version of this makeup.

    Pin-Up Makeup. Tips

    • "Protagonists" of pin-up makeup are, of course, a bright lipstick and eyeliner. It is best to choose longlasting type of these products because the "loss" of the main details of this makeup (the erased lipstick or flowed eyeliner ) immediately ruins the look. This is especially true in the summer..
    • One of the basic rules of "proper" retro makeup is an even skin tone. If you prefer, you can certainly experiment with bronzer and highlighter to create a beautiful face contour, but keeping true to the tradition of the makeup, it is better not to overload the face with shades. After all, your lips and eyes will speak loud.
    • An important element of quality makeup (btw, not just of pin-up) is well-designed eyebrows. Any negligence in the design of eyebrows - and whole the look is for nothing. Take the trouble to first correct the shape of the eyebrows, to remove excess hair and trim sticking out ones, and then to create the form. Draw, using a beveled brush, and shadows or pencil. In contrast to the everyday looks, creating pin-up makeup don't be afraid to make eyebrows a few darker or brighter than usual. Modern variations of this classic makeup admit vivid eyes and lips.
    • Whether to use a blush? As I said, in the classic versions of pin-up makeup face tone should be smooth, and with the help of compact blush you can recreate a small blush. But among modern pin-up looks quite extreme ones are often found, with plenty of bronzer, highlighter, blush, eye shadows and false eyelashes.
    • Creating wings. One of the most difficult stages (for me!). For a start it is better to draw the contour of a wing with a pencil, making small dots or streaks, and then to cover up the "sketch" carefully with the eyeliner. In this case, all the irregularities can be corrected even in the process of drawing of the "sketch" and your wings will be not only smooth, but also more vivid and longlasting.
    • What a shade of lipstick you choose? Classic is a bright red color. But if you're blonde, you can safely try a pink lipstick in bright colors. Brunettes can experiment with shades of wine and plum. Don't forget to use a lip pencil. Clear, contoured shapes play an important role in this makeup. Therefore, the lips should be properly designed with a lip pencil.
    • Whether to use eye shadows? Classic pin-up wings are creating on the "bare" eyelid (that is, without eye shadows, and only with the base) or with pre-applied to the eyelid eyeshadows in skin color or shimmer/pearl eyeshadows. In modern versions of the makeup can be used colorful vivid shades. But in order not to go into the "extreme", it is better to choose the ones that will be able to emphasize the shape of the eye, but not to block the eyeliner (light pink, nude shades, pearl, terracotta, taupe, translucent blue, and so on).

    Pin-Up Makeup. Tutorials

    I invite you to watch a few video-tutorials How to create pin-up makeup. Sometimes, it is better to see once, than to read hundred times ;) I'm sure that the advices from experienced make-up artists and bloggers will seem useful to you!

    Modern 'Pin up' make up look

    Pin Up Make-Up Look

    Gwen Stefani 'Pin-up' Make-up Tutorial

    Do you like to use retro-details in your looks? Have you ever made pin-up makeup?

    Have a beautiful day, dears! I love you! ♥ Meow!