Promised. 5 rules of a skin care of your feet

As I promised, I make a post about how I take care of my feet and why my feet's skin is always soft and smooth. It should be noted that I generally don't have problems with feet and legs as well. There is no varicose veins or corns or deformed joints. Probably, the main "secret" that since my childhood I loved to manipulate my toes: to pick up fallen things from the floor, to hold a dog's collar, and even to pinch - everything I tried to do with my feet. It seemed funny. And until now I have a habit to do different exercises for the feet which always keep my feet in tone. And I don't spend time for them, because I usually make exercises doing other activities in the same time and without noticing it. It has already become a habit. I noted this item separately, so that you understand that you need to spend time and effort for some things.

So, my five rules to preserve youth and beauty of the feet:

1. Shoes. This is the main thing which determines how your feet will look. Uncomfortable shoes make the skin of your feet "surviving" and you get calluses, corns, and in general the skin of your feet is becoming denser forming a layer of the skin, which protects feet against the nuisance of shoes . Keep this in mind choosing shoes, and don't follow the their beauty. The constant wearing of high heels deforms the joint of the big toe. So "Beauty requires sacrifice" is the two-faced phrase. Is it worth to sacrifice the natural beauty of the feet for the beauty of the shoes? Learn to use the correct shoes: everything must be relevant.

2. If you use good shoes, problems of a coarse skin should not exist and you don't have to use a pumice stone . I remove dead skin cells using a simple oil-coffee scrub. And the purification and the softening.

3. Exercises. It's useful to "play" by your toes with a little stick, to roll it on the floor, to rotate between the feet. And when you are sitting at the table just keep moving your toes. The good blood circulation and the muscle tone are what will keep the beauty of your feet.

4. I love to walk barefoot. If you have a chance - on the beach, nature, country house - try to find a time to walk barefoot. It's as a scrub as a massage =) Just do it procedurally - the constant walking without shoes will make your feet turning into paws. :D

5. For skin care, in addition to the aforementioned scrub you can use plain fat cream (such as Dove or Nivea in the big jars), apply it after a shower on clean feet. So you support the water-fat balance of the skin and feet.

These are very easy tips and I hope they will help you!

Take care of your beauty! Big kisses for you! Meaow*