Purple mood. Ombre lilac makeup and hair

Well, the fall has come, my dears! =) Although there is no even "smell" of the autumn in Portugal - is a terrible heat, it's dangerous to go out of the house. I try to stay close to the fridge and get out "from the shadow" only in the evening. Today I share with you one of the "fruits" of my "internetless" time. Yes, it was one of my fun - to do makeup and to take pics =) This image was inspired by elves and unicorns :D I decided to make a custom art-lip makeup in purple and lilac shades and complete the look with lilac strands of hair.

Purple mood. Ombre lilac makeup and hair

I decided to make only the lip makeup, so my eyes are "naked", even without mascara. For lip makeup I used pink corrector from palette of concealers by Catrice as a base (it is quite thick and does not flow out, is an excellent base for shadows and it evens lip); for the outline and corners of the lips, I used a pencil by Essence Long Lasting eye pencil #16 Coolest Chic (purple shade with silver shimmer); for corners of the lips, I used purple shimmer shade of metal pallete by Technic; lilac shade of palette Sleek Acid was applied on the middle of the lips. As you can see, I decided to "give a green light" to these two bright palettes, that they would not die of old age within my stocks. =))

Lilac lip makeup OMBRE

I will turn special attention to the hair. For dyeing of four front strands I used a special "chalk" to color strands Hair Shadow in Pretty Puple shade by Choppers Kisses, which was provided by CK's pr-service. I decided to use it in my creative experiments. I would like to say a few words of my impressions.

Chalk Hair Shadow is designed to create ombre effect on the hair. As I read, it contains macadamia nut oil, so the product must care of the hair and give a comfortable use. I liked the effect, on the tips of my blonde hair bright the dye can be seen quite clearly. Yet it was not very comfortable to paint strand. I had got dirty in chalk, hair sticked together in "icicles" (I don't know correct English word for the hair that are sticked together, we call it in Russia "icecles" :D), and then when I tried to comb and to give them the good appearance, color almost disappeared, there was only a light shade. So there is a choice - either bright "icicles" or light pastel shade on strands. It washed off with regular shampoo.

More info about Hair Shadow >>>

Lilac lips with ombre effect

I love this my look and you? Tell me your opinion! ♥ I love you! Meow!