Recipe of the day: Hair Mask with Lemon

My dears, I started my beauty blog mainly with home beauty recipes, so I try to not leave my publishing of new recipes. All the more so, as it turned out, my lovely readers-kittens wait for the new recipes. So I will try to find the time and opportunity to seek something new and share my own recipes. Today, the recipe of the day is a hair mask with lemon. Is ideal for those who want to strengthen their hair in anticipation of the summer sun and give them more shine.

Recipe for beauty. Hair Mask with Lemon

Half of the average lemon

0.5 cups of yogurt

5 tbsp almond oil

Application: chop the lemon in a blender along with peel, mix with the oil and yogurt. Apply on the dry hair, distributing throughout entire the hair length. Wrap the hair with a plastic wrap and a towel, keep it for a half an hour. I generally recommend to keep the mask for an hour or longer (because useful components of natural masks long and slowly penetrate into the hair, in contrast to their cosmetic "counterparts", the nutrients in which are disintegrated in the molecules, so it accelerates their penetration into the scalp and hair structure ), but in this case, the lemon in "co" with a yogurt can turn you in Goldilocks (ie, can slightly lighten your hair). So if you do not aspire to such an effect - a half an hour is enough for you.

Do you like to use natural masks for hair restoration in the spring?

I love you, kittens! Big kisses =* Meow ♥