Return the beauty to the hair: hair conditioner mask with beer

Beer is a great thing for the hair because of the large number of nutrients contained in this drink. Even the celebrities are not averse to use this natural remedy - Jennifer Lopez, for example, has repeatedly held that she likes to use the beer to add shine to the hair. Yes, even a simple rinsing the hair with beer will help to improve the appearance of hair, but today I want to share with you a recipe of conditioner based on this drink. Hair conditioner mask with beer will help restore the beauty of the head of hair for the spring.

Return the beauty to the hair hair conditioner mask with beer

Return the beauty to the hair: hair conditioner mask with beer

0.5 cups of beer (dark, unfiltered)

2 tbsp of almond oil

3-4 tbsp of turmeric (you can add more, so that the mask will not flow down)

Application: Mix ingredients and apply to the dry hair. Beer mask-conditioner can be kept on the hair an hour or more. You can wash it off using a normal shampoo - there will be no smell. And, of course, you will need no conditioner =) Make a mask as often as you wish to do =)

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Remember, all the masks, recipes of which I post in my blog are just the options available for hair care! If you have serious problems with the condition of your hair - visit a professional doctor! I am writing this because recently I saw a tweet how one man had sent a link of the one of my recipes to the doctor-trichologist who said that the recipe is not useful for the treatment of alopecia. I'm sorry, but I did not claim the title of doctor, and I recommend my recipes as a hair care! These masks should not be treated as a special cure for the scalp diseases, and if you have a real problems with your hair you will be duty to use the treatment prescribed by a specialist!

Thake care of you, and have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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