Review of men's daily care products of MENSGROOM and Stript Wax Bar + hair ties Lucky Ties

Kittens, I have a few products that were sent to me for review, which must be posted, but I do not want to create for them separate publications. Especially now, when, after a single negative product review press-service of brand indignantly demanded to remove the review. They say that they care about reputation. And it turns out I should sacrifice my own reputation and forget about my readers? May be is not very ethical to say it out loud, but I can't just keep silence. I am not a marionette! Oh, it's such small troubles of blogger's life in matters of product testing. Colleagues, do you often come across such strange situations?

Today I will write about three products: haircare Daily Washout by MENSGROOM and soap Bro Bar by Stript Wax Bar (theseare men's products, my husband had tested them), and say a few words about Lucky Ties by Choppers Kisses.

MENSGROOM Dayly Washout: 2 in 1 Shampoo+Conditioner and Spirit Wax Bar BRO BAR bathroom soap

My husband loves to go to gym, plus constantly take a shower at work so he loves such products. "Such" means the most that neither are universal, simple like all men's stuff, without problems and difficulties in application. That's why both products: as Daily Washout shampoo+conditioner 2 in 1 as the Bro Bar soap pleased him.

MENSGROOM Dayly Washout: 2 in 1 Shampoo+Conditioner and Stript Wax Bar BRO BAR bathroom soap

Daily Washout contsins Barley Protein, Vitamin B5 and Zinc PCA , to energize and strengthen the mop on top. Overall, a good combination for oily hair and everyday care. My husband liked it, it washes well, and, that is most importantly for him, this product saves time. =)))

Also Hugo liked Bro Bar, created by californian beauty salon Stript Wax Bar. It is also a universal product and can be used as a body soap, hair cleanser and shaving lubricant. By the way, they write that this soap is also unisex. That is, ladies can use it too. But personally, I just gave it to my husband =) The soap contains a good set of oils:olive, avocado, coconut, jojoba, macadamia, castor, as well as vitamin E and Egyptian musk. Really nice aroma!

I note that such products are indispensable for travelers =) My husband is not traveling, but like I said, taking a shower in the fitness center or at work, so for him the issue "do not carry a bunch of bottles" is fairly important. He liked the Bro Bar soap, though he used it only as a soap. It well cleanses the skin and does not leave a sleek. All in all is a positive experience, as the main task of these two products - to clean well and be versatile. They cope with this task.

Hair ties Lucky Ties от Chopper Kisses

Hair ties Lucky Ties от Chopper Kisses

Colorful, such a nice looking ties, they were absolutely for me, because usual hair ties don't work for me for a long time.... Lucky Ties promise no dent, no fray, no pull. As they say this ties can be perfect to double as layerable bracelets. In general, I like these hair ties, they are really "long-playing" - not stretching and not torning, but the hair still pull out. But it seems to me, is not fault of ties but mine, because I knot on my hair in buns, the hair just wrap around the tie, and then torn out. So I would not affraid to recommend trying these ties.

Which of the above you would like to try? Perhaps you have managed to try something, then tell me your opinion!