Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color Swatches and Review

Kittens, I realized that I am extremely lazy when it comes to how to make swatches and pictures of the products that I want to tell. However, words sometimes are not able to describe the product itself, and certainly impossible to reflect how it looks. But sometimes I just get lucky and I come across products, which I just want to talk about. And my dislike to doings with photographing is disappearing. I am getting inspired!

When I had bought Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #220 Celeb City, I realized, that I will definitely write about it on my blog, not being limited with swatches in Instagram!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #220 Celeb City

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color Swatches and Review

Shade #220 Celeb City it represents very minute and dense metallic silver shimmering hue which after application forms a substantially even metal coating. This nail polish is different, of course, from it's "colleagues", which give a perfect mirror-chrome finish (I remember 10 years ago I bought a chrome polish of Sally Hansen Chrome, I don't remember now which one shade), since the shimmer particles are still distinguishable.

Лак для ногтей Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Nail color. swatches and review

I'll start with pros: nail polish is covering nail evenly, and don't make "stripes". One coat is enough to create a beautiful finish. But I habitually do two layers. This creates a more "solid" finish. Also this polish dries instantly. The thick consistency of the polish makes the application evenly, without touching the edge of the cuticle (which I, with my shaking hands do constantly). Unlike fellow of the same price category, Sally Hansen Nail Color keeps even without a base coat in the twice longer.

As for the cons, the creators designed the oblong design of the bottle, so brush is long too, I don't like it, but I adapted. Brush has rectangular shape, but during application it takes the form of a shovel. The most disgusting cons of this lacquer (and of all the nail polishes with shimmer) - is just hellish failure to remove it away from nails! You have to sit down and scrub it with a cotton swab and nail polish remover. And because of dense shimmer, it is much more difficult to remove this silver nail polish than the top coats with sequins. By the way, the ability to quickly dry out can play a cruel joke - you will not have time to spread polish's layers. It is causing that the second layer may be faced with the problem of the polish, that "rolling" to the edge of the nail. Therefore, after the first coat if you want to make a second, for density, do it right away, do not proceed to the next nail.

If we forget about the subtleties of removal and application, I note that it looks simply divine! I love the silver and white metals, and they incredibly inspire me! So, here's after making manicure, my hands were smeared with silver paint, with creating accents by dark silver eyeshadows and I have created a little collage! I have already told you that I love more to paint and create some artistic images with makeup, than to use it for its intended purpose? =))

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Nail color

Do you love silver metallic or chrome nail polishes? Have you ever tryed this collection of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear?

I wish you a wonderful day, kittens! I love you!♥ Meow!