So, my review. The best way to lighten hair!

Hi, my dear beauties! So, I want to share results of my little experiments with a hair lightening. Today I want to share with you a picture of the results, and to post another one recipe. The best way to lighten hair, which I write in the post today is, in fact, just a hodgepodge of the most popular natural lightening remedies, which, acting together, can enhance each other's actions.

So, my review. The best way to lighten hair!

Disclamer! My beauties, we are all different, from the type of a body shape, till the temperament, and our hair (their thickness, color, texture) all is different, too, and there is no universal remedy appropriate to all unconditionally! I recommend you natural remedies to lighten hair, taking into account my personal experience! And if some remedy did not help you - don't worry! It simply means that it doesn't fit personally to your hair. Most importantly, try to console ourselves with the fact that all natural masks, even if they don't give a significant lightening effect, in any case are a huge benefit for the hair! ;)

So, the best way to lighten hair - the "hodgepodge" mask:

0.5 cup of liquid honey

0.5 cup of lemon juice

200 ml. of natural yogurt

10 tbsp of Cinnamon

Application: mix the ingredients, warm the mixture up a little bit (a few seconds in the microwave), apply to the dry hair and wrap your head with a plastic wrap and a towel for the warmth. You can keep the mask as much as you can - you can even use it overnight. One procedure, of course, can not give an instant results. In addition to this procedure, I also occasionally apply a freshly squeezed lemon juice on my hair and go under the sun to dry the hair, and at the same time to make them lighter. (I live in Portugal, if you remember, we have sunny and warm days that are suitable for such procedures, in much larger amount than in the North of Europe and the USA). You can also sometimes rinse your hair with a chamomile extract.

That's colors I had and I've got few month later.

That's colors I had and I've got few month later

My dearest, is most importantly to remember that non-chemical ways to lighten hair never give instant results! All natural remedies should become the part of your haircare, only then (depending, as I said before, of the hair type and color) you can see the change of color.

Do the natural remedies help you to lighten the hair? Which ones of them?=)

Girls, I am russian, and English is not my native language, so if you find mistakes then feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses;!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3