Sugar scrub cubes. Solid body scrub with oils

Hi, my beauties! Recent time sugar sugar cubes (the scrub containing a soap, which has a dual role of cleansing and exfoliation of dead cells) became the one of the most popular remedy for baths. These cubes, unlike an ordinary soap-scrub contain a large part of the sugar, so the one cube is enough for the one use - the sugar melts in a water. If you already have experience in a soaping and you have a soap base - then be sure to try this recipe! For those who don't know what to replace a soap base - try to use a baby soap (grate it and mix with an equal quantity of a water and melt a soap in a water bath, stirring occasionally). Well, let's try it! ;)

Sugar scrub cubes. Solid body scrub with oils

Sugar scrub cubes. Solid body scrub with oils

12 oz of a sugar

2,5 oz of a pure soap base

6 tbsp of an almond oil

2 tbsp an avocado oil

1 tbsp of fragrance oil (for example, green tea)

A few drops of the dye (optional)

Application: melt the soap base in the microwave (30 seconds), mix with oils, a fragrance and a dye. Add sugar and stir this mix. Put mixture into molds and place them in the frige. After solidification cut the bars into small cubes for single use.

Use this scrub is very simple - take a cube and scrape the surface of the skin, like with a sponge, until the cube melts.

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