Sugaring hair removal recipe. Let's fight with hairs ;)

Hello, my lovely kittens! Today I decided to experiment - to make a home sugaring hair removal. Recipe I was looking for a long time, because the ways of making this sweet remedy for a hair removal is a lot in the internet. Sometimes they are so different that I think: which one is correct? Sugaring requires some precision in the proportions and ingredients, as well as in the method of preparation - undercooked, overcooked - and you can put in garbage all of the mixture.

Tudo para depilação. Hoje, o meu post é sobre a depilação com a açúcar.

Vou escrever sobre como depilar os cabelos dos pés e vou compartilhar
as tres receitas de SUGARING depilação.

Most often, I saw online recipes, the ingredients of which are exceeding my needs. These recipes are good for those who have is a expert of the sugaring, because for the first time, I wouldn't risk to waste 1 kg of sugar, not being sure that I can cope. Yep, you will a 1 kg of sugar, to make the sugaring. Recipe for making this sugaring will let you to prepare something kind of "toffees". Use a minimum of water, to get a mixture similar to chewing gum. In addition, you can prepare a mixture enough for a few months.

Recipe 1. 1 kg of a sugar, 7 tbsp of a lemon juice, 8 tbsp of a water.

Mix it and place the mixture on a small fire, and wait until the mix will get hot, close the lid and wait until the sugar begins to melt, stirring every 10 minutes during a half of hour. When sugar begins to simmer, It means that it will soon be ready. Boil it for more 10 minutes. The mixture will begin to acquire the color of a caramel, stir it and take away the lid, leave for another 5 minutes on the fire. Turn off the fire, pour the syrop into the container for storage of the mixture. For this recipe, you will have the reserve of a shugaring-"toffees" in the hands.

How to apply: Take a small ball of caramel and well knead it in your hands to warm up. The ball should get a lighter shade. Spread the "toffees" on the skin surface, roll it out like a dough and then abruptly tear it with hairs. Repeat. You need to spread the caramel mass against the hair growth, and tear it over the hair growth.

Another way for those who don't want to spend a lot of ingredients and a time for the sugaring hair removal. Recipe is targeted at the disposable depilation. Its number should be enough for feet, armpits and a bikini area. The same "toffee", but in smaller proportions.

Recipe 2. 250 g of a sugar, 2 tbsp of a water and 2 tbsp of a lemon juice. Mix everything and place on a small fire with the lid. The mixture should be stirred every five minutes. After 20 minutes of cooking, the mass becomes brownish and starts to foam, you can open the lid and cook more 5 minutes.

How to apply: see above.

Another recipe that I decided to use, consists of a small number of ingredients. Its enough for the one shin or for armpits. Well, or for a bikini area.

Recipe 3. 10 tbsp of a sugar, 8 tbsp of a water, a juice of half a lemon (without seeds, of course), or lemon juice from the bottle, about 2 tbsp. Mix all, place on the smallest fire and, stirring constantly, bring it to a boil. Cook at a constant heat. Boil the syrup for about 10 minutes (it will be transparent at first, and then with caramel color), then take it away from a fire and let it cool.

Test: Carefully take a drop of the mixture (don't burn yourself!) and try to roll it into a ball. If you will come out - you did everything correctly.

How to apply: Apply the cooled mass with wooden spoon or a stick to the skin surface, cover with a strip of fabric (I used paper strips), press it to the skin and abruptly tear it off against the hair growth. If the mixture will be cooled, heat it in a water bath.

My review: it was not very painful, bearable, but you need to work hard to remove all the hairs. And, of course, I smeared everything in sugar.

My advice: Before applying the mixture for the sugaring on the skin, apply the corn starch powder first, then there will be no pain. After the procedure rinse the remains of sugar in a shower, and apply a moisturizing, soothing cream - because the skin will get an inflammation a little bit, and will have a reddish color.

É fui tudo para depilação! Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meow :3