The best way to get rid of sunburn fast

Hello, my lovely kittens! We've got finally heat! ^ ^ I am already looking forward to tomorrow, and I am planning to spend my time at the beach. The sun gives us joy, gives a beautiful tan and helps the production of vitamin D. But sometimes it happens that the sun protection is failed, and the skin gets burn. So, today I decided to write about the best way to get rid of sunburn fast. Topic is very urgent, and I have enough experience to solve this problem, cuz for a long time, I was not using sunscreens =)

Para aqueles que falam português. Tratamentos para a queimadura. Conselhos e recomendações o que fazer se tem a queimadura.

I didn't use because I wanted to get the tan faster, and sometimes, in pursuit of the quick and beautiful tan I was returning home after tanning, red like a lobster. Here I will share tips that I usually do when getting the sunburn.

Whatever they would not advise - NO ALCOHOL! Maybe it will bring a cooling effect, but in fact it will exacerbate the burn, because by itself it's able to burn the skin. For a start is better to take a cool bath to reduce an inflammation. Then put on your skin a remedy for burns. The most ideal is the bio-yogurt. The proven way =) I have the cosmetic remedy for the sunburns by Nivea, but I still use yogurt (in Portugal they don't produce a sour cream that I always used in Russia)). They advised to use the cabbage and potatoes as a compress or lotion, but I have doubts about these remedies - if you have burned all the skin, it's unreal to use them - you can't peel so many potatoes, and if you will wrap your body with the cabbage, you will look like a stuffed cabbage with little feet. :D Yogurt cools and soothes the skin, and milk protein helps the skin to recover faster from burns. When the cream is absorbed, you can go to take a shower again. I usually do like that. The cool water reduces the inflammation and washes leftover yogurt, allowing to use it after the shower again.

Yet, the prevention is the best. Don't forget even for a simple walk to use the cosmetics with the UV-filters. I remember how I burned my skin at the sea, so that I've got a first degree burn, and I could neither sit nor lie down, I was shaking with a fever, a pain, and I was drinking analgesics a whole week, because I couldn't even sleep - any touch to the skin hurted. It taught me that the tan on the sea and the ocean is much more intense, and even if you don't have sensitive skin you need to protect it on the beach any way. This advice is relevant for those who are going to spend the holidays in exotic countries. In the south, the sun is "closer" to the Earth's surface, so you can get a burn there for 5 minutes, if you don't use sunscreens.

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! = * Meaow :3