Video tutorials. Nail art with 2 colors

Hi, kittens! Hope you enjoy your days! So I prepared for you the post about nail art with 2 colors. I will share 2 video-tutorials and will give some advises.

The first video is a nail art with two colors in beautiful drips of bright colors. It executed pretty simple, and as usual, in addition to color polishes you need a basic and a top coats, and a dotting tool (you can use an old ballpoint pen).

And this is a very simple floral nail art in two colors. You will need exactly the same tools.

And one more very simple nail art in two colors. You can, of course, after applied the basecoat, apply the color polish to the entire surface, and then apply on the corner of the nail a polish of a different color. And you can even don't use a dotting tool in this case.

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