Winter skin care. Peach mask for face

Hi, my beautiful kittens! Today I will share with you the recipe of a mask, which is especially good for skin care in the winter - this is a peach mask. Peach contains esters of formic, acetic, valeric and caprylic acids, vitamin C and carotene. All these components are very useful for the regeneration of skin cells, which gets a daily stress from adverse environmental factors that affect the skin, especially in winter, draining it, and enfeebling. Almond oil, which is part of the mask, nourishes a dried skin and also helps it to renew. Peach mask for face is a great tool in the winter.

Winter skin care. Peach mask for face

Peach mask for face

Flesh of one peach

1 tsp almond oil

1 tsp oat flour (milled flakes)

Application: Mix all the ingredients (using a blender), and apply the mask on a clean skin in the evening. Keep the mask about 20 minutes, then rinse and apply a nourishing night cream. Do not forget to use dayly creams with protective factors, before leaving the house. My dear kittens, don't forget also to protect your lips by using balms! Lipstick will never look good on chapped lips =)

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3