Gorgeous Cut Crease Makeup Looks to Try

In today's Sunday makeup post I want to share with you the most gorgeous cut crease makeup looks which I liked so much I couldn't wait to show them to you :3

I have never tried to make such makeup by myself, so I really admire those girls who can create cut crease makeup look without the external help of an MUA :D I gave up already, and stopped to make winged eyelines, and cut crease style is something beyond the real world, something magical for me.

My fave looks are those which just enhance the natural shape of eyes and also those festive glittered cut crease makeup looks. I am so in love!

Gorgeous Cut Crease Makeup Looks to Try

As always, my main source of inspiration is Pinterest, so I couldn't prove any credits (tho I would be happy to include them: if you know the author, let me know ♥).

And here is a cool Cut Crease Makeup tutorial for you :3