Opal Hair. The Hottest Summer Trend

Yeah! All my love to pastel colors and unicorns is realized in this one cool Opal Hair trend! 

I wonder, how long this idea will last and how much time is for me to enjoy such beauty on city's streets and on the internet? Okay, city streets - it is too much. Portuguese girls love to stick to darkest hair colors and I, having white hair, look like a lamp in the see of cool red-brown-black hairstyles ♥ 

But, maybe once I will be lucky to meet one cute unicorn with opal colored hair here in Porto? ♥ Just look at that beauty, how not to fall in love?

Opal Hair. The Hottest Summer Trend

I have no idea how much work it takes to create this precise opal gradient. I only can imagine this mathematics happening inside of a colorist's head! 

That color game looks cool by itself, but it seems to be even more stunning when opal hair is curly! Those glaring highlights create a real feeling of hair made of precious gems! 

Yet again, hair care. It is always hard to care of lightened and of colored hair. However, if it is lightened AND colored... That might be even more difficult! 

But such beauty! That is SOOOO worth it!