The Coolest Mosaic Nail Art Ideas

Though there are lots of minimalism lovers, there are also girls who love to shine bright, to draw attention, to make men falling in love with their passionate nature. 

You can see such girls from afar: their presence is almost palpable - you can sense their energy, passion and love to the life.

Sometimes they even look like paradise birds - absolutely stunning, gorgeous, vivid personalities. Not only by their attitude, but also by their looks.

From tips till toes they radiate hottest colors. When I say "till toes" I mean, literally. Even their nails reflect their passion for life.


The Coolest Mosaic Nail Art Ideas

 I imagine such woman's look every time I see vivid, colored mosaic nail arts. That manicure is the best choice for passionate natures, gorgeous like a butterfly, hot like a volcano ♥