The Cutest Lace Nail Art Ideas to Try Tomorrow

I am not a big fan of nail art myself - I love the simplicity, and try to stick to the plainest color combos and, of course, avoid any complications of making something artistic over my normal manicure.

However, I must confess that all my love to simplicity in my own style comes from my laziness. Yes, I love minimalism also because of the fact I have to make a minimum of movements to style my whole look: from tips to toes.

That means, of course, that I like and sometimes even adore nail art, but only as a viewer! I love watching others' masterpieces as well as to watch work of nail artists. Today I share with you a nice set of the cutest lace nail art pieces. I love them, I adore them. I would like to wear all of them (if someone would do that type of mani for me, lol)

The Cutest Lace Nail Art Ideas to Try Tomorrow


This set turned out huge, so I separated it on two galleries. I personally like black and white lace nail art combos, but red+black ideas are cool, super gothic and adorably gloomy!

And for a dessert! Just take a look at those gorgeous lace nails of stunning Wendy Cheng!