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Makeup bag of every girl is a small universe. In the "Beauty" rubric I share with you not only the stories from my own "universe". Here you can find great makeup, manicure, and hairstyle ideas, as well as posts about interesting events from the beauty world.
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Eye Makeup Ideas: Inner Corner Highlight

Have you ever thought that the best idea to make a real change in your normal everyday beauty look is to add some inner corner highlight to your eye makeup? I am not only talkin...

Alien Makeup. 33 Cool & Crazy Ideas

I am pretty moderate when to choose a daily outfit and make some new wardrobe shopping. I love minimalism and "quality over quantity" is my motto. However, when it comes to makeup...

Pink Salmon Hair Color. So Hot!

I love pink salmon shade as a very subtle pastel version of the coral tone, a pure and fine mix of pink and orange colors. As much as I stand for minimalism for own wardrobe cho...

Spring Fairy Makeup. Cuteness Overload!

How do you imagine spring fairies? Each culture has own vision of those mythical creature, and, of course, each makeup artist imagines them differently. Someone sees them as tin...

Red Eyeliner Makeup Looks: Bold and Brilliant

Yesterday I shared one cool red eyeliner makeup look on my Facebook page. I loved that particular picture so much, it almost started haunt me :D Red color is not quite a usual one...

Minimal Nails: Dots

I can't be happier watching that minimalism ceased to be a simple trend and become a singular and independent style, which was adopted by a lot of people: mostly those are active,...

Silver Makeup Ideas for a Holyday Look

I want to continue to talk about silver gray color (I actually can talk about it non-stop, because I am a neo-futuristic and minimalistic freak), and bring more attention to upcomi...

How I Chose Best Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Myself

Not so long time ago I decided to shave my temples. You know, sometimes you have so unbearable desire to change your hairstyle, but you can't actually afford to lose your long hair...

Pumping Inspo: A Set of Cool Lip Art Ideas

Makeup is the only part of personal style where I love seeing color. I might even say, I really enjoy watching artistic and bold makeup. Meaning, of course, it is some real art, no...

Minimal Graphic Makeup Ideas

These days I don't have much for my blogs, but I stay loyal to my Facebook pages, and I keep posting some inspiring pictures and sharing with you cool style ideas. Today, however,...

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