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Merry Christmas!

My dear friends, I wish you have today the best time with your family and loved ones! I wish you a Merry Christmas, and let it be the warmest day for all of you! Be happy and never...

Silver Gray Color Inspiration

One color seems to be a very loyal companion of every designer whether they are minimalists or they follow luxury and posh trends: everyone loves the silver gray color. Everyone....

Elf Transformation Using Photo Manipulation

If you read my other blog you already know that I am a huge fan of Photo Manipulation (it is the only kind of Digital Design that I am able to perform). Nor...

Xxxicken Party. The Party of Love

It's been a while since I've visited XXXicken Party. All the time since I have been waiting for pics of myself from the party's photographers. However, I found nothing in albums...

Encouraging and Inspiring. Foxy Riders

I follow a lot of riders communities (mostly those are of brands or biker magazines). Sometimes I was wondering, how many bloggers-bikers are there? And how man...

Evgeniia Targaryen or My PS Art

You know my full name is Evgeniia. And that sounds pretty much like some of Targaryen female names. And since I am blonde (dyeing hair in the almost-white-color). I thought that wo...

A Pinch of Soft Pink Color for Your Feed

What about a pinch of soft pink color in your news feed? Just take a look at that set we prepared for you! ♥   We are going to make a tradition: to pst inspirational...

My Beach Look for this Summer

While my friend (and also a proud author of Olga was spending her time with me in Porto, we were quite busy with our "having total fun" plans. However, we managed to...

Cute and Cool Girls with Sleeve Tattoos

A time when tattoo was a synonymous word to brutality had passed. Thanks, Universe. As a tattoo lover, I can't be happier with the modern trend which lets girls keep looking ele...

When It's Time to Change

I did it! I finally dyed my hair in almost-platinum-white! :D It has been a long trip for me to get the hair of my dream!

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