Lightening hair with lemon juice. My review

Hi, my lovely kittens! You probably already understood, looking at my picts, I'm hard growing my own hair. I'm tired to kill my hair with chemical clarifiers, and I had to abandon the dream of having a snow white hair in the name of health and beauty of my hair. However, I didn't abandon the idea of making my hair just a little lighter than my natural dark blond color, and I decided to try natural remedies from the folk "arsenal".

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje vou escrever sobre o clareamento do cabelo com com suco de limão e os meus pensamentos sobre este remédio.

o clareamento do cabelo com com suco de limão

My first experience in a couple of months ago, it was lightening hair with lemon juice and honey. I mix the lemon juice with 3 tbsp of a honey, and applied on the head, and I was waiting 8 hours. The honey was flowing away mercilessly, but I used a towel. The result of this was a little lightening: maybe one or two tones, but, rather, it gave my hair golden light. In any case, I decided, honey masks are very useful =)

Yesterday I decided to make a lightening hair with lemon juice only. I peeled lemon, and cut it into several chunks - so it's easier to squeeze out the juice. I squeezed out the juice, and took away all seeds. I applied it on dry hair from the roots. I had a lot of juice, so I'm used it completely for all the hair. I didn't close the hair, I just braided it, and the juice slowly dried up. At this time I was visiting the russian forums and reading reviews and impressions of the use of the lemon juice to lighten hair. Reviews, recipes and tips were so different, that I almost moved wisely. And the girls, sometimes, talking and advised opposite things! A huge number of recipes based on the lemon juice, from which the eyes diverge. Look, it's the only one "friendly" advice that provides maximum lighting - "I added hydrogen peroxide to the lemon juice". Of coooooourse, this is the lemon is bleaching! *_* I think that is what made me write my impressions today and to speak - yes, lemon juice lightens the hair. No, the lemon juice doesn't corrode the hair, because it consists of malic and citric acids in small quantities. Moreover, citric acid is the one of the weak organic acids.

Ironically, they drink a water with the lemon juice with an empty stomach to neutralize the acid and to create an alkaline environment in the stomach, because the citric acid increases the production of potassium carbonate neutralizing acids. But malic and citric acids still remain acids, and enzymes of the lemon juice, interacting with natural dyes (including the pigment "melanin" that colors our hair and skin) lighten them. That is why a lot of whitening toothpastes, creams for freckles and age spots and other cosmetic products are based on the lemon juice. If you lighten hair with the lemon juice, and didn't see results, it's mean that your hair pigmentation is much more resistant than others, and a simple lightening with the lemon juice will not have a succes. My hair is quite sensitive to the lightening, so now, when I'm writing this post, I already see the result - my hair is lighter. But I want to consolidate the effect sitting in the sun a little bit =) Today is a good day for tanning in Porto =)

o clareamento do cabelo com com suco de limão. Resultado, efeito

Posso dizer: Sim, vocês podem clarear o cabelo com o suco de limão. E não, o suco de limão não corrói o cabelo. Se esse remédio não ajudá-los, isso significa que o vosso tipo de cabelo está resistir ao clareamento. Use o suco de limão no vosso cabelo e apanhe sol =) Alguma vez vocês já usaram o clareamento do cabelo com com suco de limão? Vou aguardar pelos vossos comments=)

Have you ever use a lightening hair with lemon juice? tell me about the results! ^^

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses =* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3