5 useful tips to grow eyelashes faster

Hi, my lovely cats! Today I have prepared for you 5 tips to grow eyelashes faster. These remedies and procedures serve me well for many years, and I can say that my lashes are long enough and pretty strong. In addition, these methods once have helped me to restore my lashes from lashes extentions, and now they look again like NEW :D

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou compartilhar convosco 5 dicas úteis para crescer cílios mais rápido.

So, 5 useful tips to grow eyelashes faster:

1. Use mascara in a good quality with unexpired date. If you noticed that the mascara has dried - abandon it, don't regret it! It is better to spend money and buy a new one than to suffer yourself, restoring your lashes.

2. Carefully remove makeup from the eyes and eyelashes. Most often, this is the place where makeup residues accumulate and, mixing with fat, clog pores, causing inflammation, and the loss of eyelashes.

3. At least once a week let eyelashes "breathe". Constant "envelope" from mascara reduces a natural metabolism in the roots of the eyelashes, which again triggers lashes loss and their degradation. Noticed that the men who don't use makeup, have a strong and long hair, nails, eyelashes ...

4. To remove makeup from eyelashes and eyelids, use oil-based makeup remover or usual vegetable (olive, almond, burdock) oil. Oil is an excellent solvent and helps you remove mascara even between eyelashes and at the roots, where it usually accumulates.

5. Once a week, make a mask for eyelashes and compresses for eyes. Mask for eyelashes: mix 1 tsp of olive/burdock oil with 1 tsp of a carrot juice, and add one capsule of an oil solution of vitamin E. The resulting mass will be enough for several times, store it in a clean jar, and for the application use the brush, which are normally used for applying mascara.

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What remedies do you use for your eyelashes?

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3