The best eyelash growth product. Oil for eyelashes

Kittens, when I still lived in Russia there was a time when on the radio they touting every time the miracle serum for the eyelash growth, which supposedly for a few days was able to turn your lashes into the "thick forest". And the price of this serum, I think, was 100$. I thought back then, well, what we pay money for? I am from the teenage years know that the oil is the best eyelash growth product, and eventually I developed my own remedy that helps me to take care of the eyelashes, remove eye makeup, and that can handle the task "to make eyelashes thicker and longer ". The recipe is very simple: actually it is a mixture of castor oil, almond oil and avocado oil. All of them have proven themselves to be an excellent hair and eyelash growth stimulants, but in combination they can enhance the effect of each other, and give lashes all necessary nutrients.

The best eyelash growth product. Oil for eyelashes

The best eyelash growth product. Oil for eyelashes

1 part of almond oil

1 part of castor oil

1 part of avocado oil

Application: Mix the oils and pour into a jar or a bottle. Use a brush for lashes to apply the oil on the lashes (or use old washed applicator from the mascara). Is better to apply he oil for the night, and do it carefully, because if you overdo it and the oil will get into the eyes, then you will feel discomfort and you can lose the clarity of your vision.

The course of the treatment may vary, be guided by your own experience! For someone is enough two weeks of a daily use, and the oil plays a role and eyelashes become thicker and longer. But someone requires a long period of the time. It all depends of the initial condition and the individual "relationship" of lashes with oils.

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Do you use the eyelash growth products?

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