Burberry Lip Glow #17 Bright Plum

Finally I have time and mood to make a review post. Today I want to share my opinion about Burberry Lip Glow #17 Bright Plum, which I really loved and I have been using it daily. Probably it is because it reflects my mood for now...

Lip Gloss Burberry Lip Glow #17 Bright Plum

I share with you 3 ways to use this lip glow: single, with a lip pencil in similar color and with Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 084 Amethyst Shimmer: the lipstick has berry shade with amethyst shimmer.

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Which way is better, what do you think? As for me, I love to use this lip glow with lip pencils. As you can see, this product doesn't create perfect and even finish. Using pencil helps to prevent stripes and sleeks, and create more smooth finish. If you apply Burberry Lip Glow on bare lips, or over a lipstick, all the cons of this product will be pretty visible. But it's my opinion, may be you will like those ways more =)

    Package is done a-la classic "Burberry british check", executed from metal. The only cons is that it gets dirty and greasy very fast. Consistency of the lip glow is sticky but longlasting. It has beautifull berry aroma and no taste. This is great even for daily makeup if to not create intensive eye makeup. I will definetely buy other shades of this line!=)