Burberry Lip Velvet #303 Antique Pink

The next my lipstick's review is Burberry Lip Velvet #303 Antique Pink. I love this lipstick like more than Burberry Lip Cover, and now I want to share with you why I like this matte lipstick more than other.

Burberry Lip Velvet

Burberry Lip Velvet #303 Antique Pink

Burberry innovation brings a new finish for lips: a velvety matte radiance, inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics. Iconic pigments give incredibly dense, luminous colour; gel technology gives weightless, imperceptible feel and comfortable long wear performance, while triglycerides and wild rose continuously hydrate. The result is effortlessly breathable, protective and elegant.

According to my feelings this product has the same texture as Burberry Lip Cover, but finish is totally different - dense matte, fully overlapped lip pigment hiding all the flaws. Also I want to say this is not purely matte finish, but it seems it has some inner radiance as matte paper on which the light falls or real velvet. I usually avoid pigmented matte lipsticks, as they are usually dehydrate lips and turn them into the soil cracked desert. But Burberry Lip Velvet is another story. Moreover, the product covers the imperfections of the lips, remains stable (does not flow into the folds of the lips), long wearing enough (you can correct it every few hours), weightless (I don't feel it on my lips) and doesnt' leave a feeling of tightness and dryness. Very pleasant to use!

Shade # 303 Antique Pink, despite its name, is not really pink, but rather brown shade with a bit of pinkish subtone. In principle, shabby old pink walls would have a similar hue =) And the fragrance: awesome perfumed aroma in the spirit of Burberry Brit Fragrance.