Christmas Nail Art Design. 30 Best Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials

I recently made a post with tips what to wear for the Christmas. So, continuing the subject, today I share with you selection of pictures of Christmas nail art design. In my gallery you can find not only ideas for inspiration, but also step by step tutorials how to implement some of the ideas.

Christmas Nail Art Design. 30 Best Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials

Christmas Nail Art Design. 30 Best Ideas and Step by Step Tutorials

If you have not chosen yet Christmas manicure, it's time to think about it. Most importantly, you have to select a nail art in harmony with your image and your outfit. Young girls can please themselves making nail art design with drawings of favorite characters, and those girls who prefer a more elegant style, can choose a modest nail design in the Christmas style. These can be drawings, patterns, stamps, and embellishments with glitter, sequins and rhinestones.

Perhaps Christmas and New Year are the only holidays where the outfit with abundance of shine is forgiven. Otherwise, I would recommend you to choose something one - or a sparkling dress, or shiny accessories, or glitter in makeup or on nails. However, the Christmas holidays - this is a magical time when all should shine!♥

Which colors to choose to make cute Christmas nails? These may be standard "Christmas" colors - red, green and white, but you can also use all shades of blue. They will not only be in harmony with Christmas motifs, but will match the colors of the New Year of Blue Horse according to the Chinese horoscope (if you follow these traditions). Manicure, btw - this is a great opportunity to bring color to your outfit, if it is selected in a classic monochrome palette (for example, if you choose a little black dress for your party). Let's look at the most interesting Christmas manicure ideas.

Christmas manicure ideas

In terms of practicality, I suggest to choose such ideas of Christmas manicure, that are long lasting enough to be on the nails entire evening and night. From my own experience I know that the more layers of polish are on the nails, the easier they will exfoliate. And if you will make on the nails a fashionable manicure with glitter, rhinestones or caviar - all this beauty can fall off. It is possible that just directly in the meal of your neighbor! :D I really hope that pictures, that I collected will help you in your quest. Just below I publish tutorials for cute Christmas manicures. Perhaps the pictorials will clarify how you can create such beauty! =)

How to make cute Christmas nails? Tutorials

What a kind of Christmas nail art design do you want to make for holidays?