Little black dress 2014. Which model to choose and what to wear with?

Author: Eva Tornado

I had been planning to write this post a long time ago. I do love writing about fashion trends that become classic of style and move to the wardrobe girls as a permanent place of residence. That’s why I’m writing about one of these must have of the current days. It’s all about little black dresses 2014. Together, let us take a look, what designers propose us to wear this season. I will share with you tips which model is better to choose according to your body shape, where you can buy dresses online, and what they should be combined with.
Little black dress 2014. Which model to choose and what to wear with?

Little black dress 2014. Which model to choose and what to wear with?

As you can see on pics little black dress styles can be completely different - from the super-open and short, shiny and lace, to severe, strict and elegant ones. If you know the original Chanel’s LBD dress was created in 1926, Coco had designed the little black dress with sleeves, the length of which was below the knee, and it was done in the trendy in those years straight lines. Over time, fashion changed and dresses transformed too. Now there are no strict yardsticks, what should be the LBD dress, the main thing is that style should be consistent with the spirit of an event or a place which you visit.

My personal opinion: to not lose anything when choosing a model, you should prefer the simplest style, performed on the classic standards, which do not have jewelry or decorative items. In this way you will have more options for how to combine the outfit. At the event with strict dress code you can wear modest clothes and while on holiday or a date pick up accessories for a little black dress that will make the suitable lush and bright look.

Little black dress 2014 PICS

Akris Tom Ford Stella McCartney Saint Laurent Ralph Lauren Miu Miu Lanvin Jean Paul Gaultier Isabel Marant Elie Saab Christian Dior Chanel Bottega Veneta Balenciaga Versace

How to choose a little black dress?

So, how to choose a little black dress ? As I wrote above, I personally prefer more strict and modest models, since they provide a big amount of looks. But if you like to change the style, you can stock up on multiple-choice of styles of the little black dress, choosing them according to your body shape. Skinny girls with beautiful legs can afford to open their knees, and possessors of a beautiful breast - a dress with a deep and beautiful neckline. Main rule in choosing any dress at all - you should open OR legs, OR decollete, OR back. I’m probably not going to explain why … So obviously ;) Possessors of beautiful body can emphasize their dignity by a model that focuses on the beautiful forms: it can be cut-outs, ornaments, paintings, embroidery, in general, something that catches the eye to that part of the body that you want to emphasize.

Little Black dress by Chanel. Original of 1926

Original Little Black Dress by Chanel 1926

If you have some flaws of body shape, is best to hide them. Here, you need to do exactly the opposite - nothing should draw attention to that part of the body that you want to hide from the view of human - jewelry, decorations, drawings, cut-outs, or whatever vivid or light, that can instantly “catch” the look of a man should not be there. When choosing accessories for a little black dress, just remember this rule. For example, wanting to hide too full breasts, you should not choose a deep neckline cut, or the lush details on the chest, and, of course, do not wear a long and massive necklaces or pendants, or do not attach a brooch. It catches the eye, exactly like your breasts.

I recommend to choose a little black sleeveless dress to girls with beautiful and relief shoulder line.

I advise possessors of large arms to choose a little black dress with sleeves. These sleeves should be long, or two-thirds of length. If you stop for a version without sleeves - your flaws will be open to all. If you choose a short sleeve - cuffs will create a line that will visually make the arm even wider and heavier. Below you can see in pics a little black dress styles that fit to different types of body shape. I do not want to make a clear distinction between types of body kinda “pear”, “apple” etc - we are all different, and there are no bodies are exactly alike. But I will share advice - choose the model of dress so that it would create a balanced look. If you have lush hips - harmonize the look by adding the volume on the top or diverting attention from the bottom. Do the same with all parts of the body that you want to hide or emphasize. Dark colors and the lack of details does not attract attention, but vivid colors, bright designs and decorations - on the contrary do. Let’s take a look at the most trendy little black dresses of the year.

Combine little black dress with shoes in the same tone, or in the color of the main accessories. If you have a lush dress - choose simple shoes and accessories, and vice versa - underline a modest dress with the luxurious accessories. If cool weather expected, wear a nice jacket, blazer, a bolero or a tippet. However, with a beautiful coat or a cape the LBD dress will look very elegant.

Styles of the little black dress - PICS


Whare to buy a little black dress?

Below I share with you aff links to stores where you can buy a little black dress, selecting the most suitable model for themselves.

Net-a-Porter ASOS Farfetch Shopbop Romwe

My beauties if you have questions how to combine outfit - ask! I look forward to your comments! I love you very much!♥

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