Leather shorts. 13 best looks and style tips

This season, the peak of love to leather seems to have reached its climax. The unique technology of processing of the leather lets now make a lot of clothing - as outerwear , and accessories as even underwear. Leather suits, dresses, leggings and skirts have the great success in cold weather. It is because of the aforementioned technologies of manufacturing, modern leather clothing does not look brutal or vulgar, so if you're still thinking about whether to buy women's leather shorts, I will whole-heartedly clap my hands and shout - OH, YES! Buy em and did not even hesitate! Especially if you are young and your body shape allows you to wear interesting outfits. Well, below in my today's publication I will share with you tips and pics of what to wear with leather shorts in winter, autumn and in cold weather at all.

Leather shorts. 13 best looks and style tips

Leather shorts. 13 best looks and style tips

If you have not yet decided which model of shorts to buy, then I suggest you turn your attention to the black leather mini shorts, or any of the dark colors. Let's just take as truth - no one wears leather shorts over his naked body in cold weather, so it is assumed that you will wear under them tights or leggings . If the length of the shorts enough covers all immodest places then you can wear clear or flesh-colored tights. With short shorts is better to wear more tight tights. Rarely anyone boasts perfect skin on the back of the thighs, right? So why to demonstrate it? Let's wear thick tights and choose the leather shorts one size larger for that.

One of the main rules of choosing of the leather shorts is the trying and trying on again. Leather is a very special material, and it is very easy to go wrong with a style, and then the clothes will looks ugly and will disgusting pucker. Trying on will allow you to avoid this, especially if you will try the shorts on with tights or leggings.

What to wear with leather shorts?

Since we can't avoid wearing tights or leggings, this situation allows us to purchase even the shortest leather shorts. All the same, all of the most modest places will be covered. For cold seasons is worth to pay attention to the short leather shorts with a high waist. Especially if you are planning to put on a short jacket. The leather will help keep the lower back and abdomen in warmth. For girls it is very important. Therefore, these shorts match not only fashion trend of short leather pants, but also all the requirements of personal health.

When I say "wear black leather mini shorts with tights," I do not mean at all to wear fishnet tights or tights made ​​of thin nylon. I mean, tights that are tight enough so your skin will not "shine through" them. The exception is the specific looks of street fashion punk or rock style. But in the everyday outfits that is taboo!

Let's take a look at my collection of pics that will help you to visually assess the most appropriate options for combining leather shorts in casual outfits.

What to wear with leather shorts PICS

So, as we can see, leather shorts look great in combination with casual clothes - sweaters, shirts, blazers, T-shirts and jackets. For a more elegant way you can pick up a classic jacket, pump shoes and matching accessories, and more athletic version will be perfectly completed with a T-shirt, a jacket and boots. Short leather shorts with a high waist will conveniently combine with T-shirts and shirts that you will tuck in. If you plan to wear skintight leather shorts, the best option for this outfit is a bodysuit.

Some looks of the above are bright enough, and they should not be copied in their entirety, it is better to take the idea of ​​such a combination and adapt it to your own everyday reality. Wide and sufficiently long thin leather shorts can be worn in summer with no tights, without fear that they will stick to your legs. Below I share with you a selection of interesting models of leather shorts, you will appreciate the trendy styles, textures and colors of this season. However, I remind you that you can risk to buy women's leather shorts (and any other leather clothing ) on the Internet only if you are the a woman with a perfect body shape. For the rest I still advise to take the opportunity of trying on shorts, or choose the services of an online store that carries an exchange or refund money for a piece that does not fit.

Models of women's leather shorts PICS

My beauties, if you do not know how to combine the outfit and what to wear with leather shorts, I'm happy to answer your questions! I will be glad то see your comments and feedback! =) ♥ I love you!