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In "Style" rubric you can find publications on the freshest catwalk and street fashion trends, interesting stylistic solutions for your own wardrobe, reviews of fashion collections, the most exciting fashion events, and, of course, my personal style posts.
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Oversized White Shirt for Minimal Style Outfits

There are "must have" classic white shirts which fit your body like a second skin, and make your office/classic outfit look perfect. However, my eyes are always captured by rath...

Shoes or Booties? The Cutest Pairs of Footwear to Fall in Love With

Shoes or Booties? Sometimes, when I look at a gorgeous pair of opened footwear I can't figure out which are those. The multiple cutouts and lace give them that subtle transitional...

White Printed T-Shirts. The Best for Summer Outfits

Are you already thinking about updating your summer wardrobe? I guess, it is time! Thinking about what I would advise investing to for the summer, the first I'd opt for myself is a...

B&W Fashion. Vol.3

This is the latest Volume of my (to become traditional) Black and White Fashion posts, where I share with you sets of the most inspiring photos that I have collected for my friends...

Hot Combo: Gray Coat and Black Pants

If you stick with me long enough you already know I am a renowned monochrome maniac. For those years of my passion (though, I'd rather say 'obsession') with black and white color r...

Sweaters, sweaters. You cozy bastards!

As much as I hate wearing tons of clothing, I still hate cold so I found myself sticking to wearing sweaters (sometimes more than one!). Portuguese weather hits this winter and...

Trendiest Ideas How to Style Black Jeans in Summer

Loving black jeans? Hell, yeah! Summertime is not only beach parties and unbearable heat waves. I must say that summer nights are pretty fresh. So, those who (like I) loves wearing...

Metal + Fashion = Love

I 've already touched that topic in one of my previous posts. I absolutely don't understand that hype amongst metalheads and punks about "how dare mainstream chicks to wear band me...

29 White On White Outfits To Copy This Season

I love the white color! No, not like that... I ADORE the white color! Though, you probably have already noticed that thanks to my cover photo :D There was a long time when I...

The Hottest Instagram Outfits We've Spotted This Week

While Eva is trying to survive the infernal heat wave in Porto, being able doing nothing, will share with you a nice set of trendiest outfits from Instagram we've spotted...

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