Metal + Fashion = Love

I 've already touched that topic in one of my previous posts. I absolutely don't understand that hype amongst metalheads and punks about "how dare mainstream chicks to wear band merch tees or any other kind of underground clothing"? That's stuff I read in my FB newsfeed pretty often. Portuguese underground community experiences a massive butthurt due to some fashion articles about Rock in Rio (also here) and Super Bock Super Rock in Lisbon. 

Metal  and   Fashion = Love

Forgive me, my fellow metalheads and punks, but this point of view is absolutely wrong. I will tell you, why.

First of all, anyone has a right to wear whatever the fuck one wants. Period. We are all free people.

Metal   Fashion = Love

Second, let's imagine I come to you and tell you a few things...

Hey, you have no right to wear jeans, since this clothing originally was created for the gold diggers, and was used by cowboys! You look like shit!

Also, you have no fucking right to wear leather jackets, since they were originally designed for aviators and members of the military! Such a shame! Put it off!

Don't you even dare to dye your hair since this ritual originally belongs to ancient tribes and ethnic groups!

Metal   Fashion = Love

Don't I sound ridiculous speaking that way? So, do you think that other cultures can't adopt your cultural and style specifics? Easy-peasy!

The globalization together with the Internet make such cultural merge happening faster than ever before, and we see how the cultural edges disappear a bit faster than quickly. Is it bad? 

Metal    Fashion = Love

It is not good, neither it is bad. It is just what happening when one particular person likes a few styles. And there are billions of such persons - with wide worldviews, or intellectually capable to embrace the world in its diversity or those who like the world in its various manifestations.

Before judging one mainstream chick wearing "Metallica" tee, think twice, maybe this girl does LIKE "Metallica" songs? Maybe her musical tastes are just more diverse than yours?

Metal    Fashion = Love

C'mon, peeps, just open your eyes, embrace that cultural changes and live happily! Don't waste your time hating, mocking and judging!

You will see how much easier will be your life!