Cool Merch T-Shirt Outfits to Rock The Summer

I already can foresee the butthurt of "true metalheads".

"How dare those chicks wear metal band tees without even being a metal fan!"

I've already seen such a shit blast after Rock in Rio (Lisboa) style posts in Portuguese lifestyle sites.

Keep calm, dudes. There is no need to be sad/mad with the fact the metal movement becomes popular.

Or are you afraid to stop being unique snowflakes? 

Or are you afraid "those hipsters" will suddenly fall in love with your precious music? I personally think, you should be happy your favorite musicians can win more money to make more cool music for US ALL, guys. 

That was a small intro to my post about merch t-shirt outfits. I've made a quite controversial set of pics.  You can see here as "true alternative metal" looks, as well as casual and even (OMG, HOW DARES SHE!) elegant and chic.

I personally believe there is a place for any style in a wardrobe of any girl. And as a metal lover and a huge fashion fan I can prove it.

And, yeah, metalheads wear black even in the summer :D


Cool Merch T-Shirt Outfits to Rock The Summer

  • Cool Merch T-Shirt Outfits to Rock The Summer

I love myself wearing black and white combo of jeans and merch t-shirt, like this one look where I am wearing my fave Nike sneakers and Mosher Clothing t-shirt (if you haven't read yet about my collaboration with the brand, go and read).

For this post I've used pics from blogs:,, and others.

If you find your pic without credits, please let me know, I will add the copywriting info.