Trendy Clothing Winter 2013 - 2014. Style tips

Author: Eva Tornado

Winter is getting closer and it’s time to share with you style tips how to combine trendy winter clothing 2013 - 2014. In the same publication, of course, it’s hard to talk about all the nuances, so I’ve chosen 10 of the most interesting models of clothing of the coming season, and created 10 looks based on these pieces. Each of them is different, and is a big choice for you! I hope today’s post will inspire you and help you make a decision when buying winter clothes or accessories.

Photo Hermes FW 2013-2014 Campaign

Trendy Clothing Winter 2013 - 2014. Style tips

If we talk about the trends of winter clothing, the latest looks of the Autumn - Winter 2013 are an interesting combination: on the one hand, the designers have tried maximally to simplify the silhouettes and cuts, making a bet on minimalism (pardon the pun), but the trendy bright prints and textured materials still make even the most simple cut unique. You can follow the precepts of fashion designers and create outfits of the winter, based on the classic, sports or casual style clothing, strict silhouettes, and “spice” all that by bright colored details. Well, or choose clothes with simple cut, but made ​​of fur, leather (plain or embossed with python skin texture), or material, decorated with bright prints - camo, houndstooth, plaid, as well as animalic, snake and floral prints. Read more about winter fashion trends in my previous article about winter coats.

In an abundance of colorful and fanciful, or strict and austere designs of winter outerwear 2013 - 2014 you can easy get lost. However, if you make it a rule to know when to stop yourself, mixing winter clothing, to combine beauty with comfort and that is important in the winter, with warmth - the issue of creating trendy outfits for the cold season will be resolved more easily. Winter is on its own does not prepossess unusual experiments - most of people still prefer a cozy, comfortable and classic clothing. But, I think it is worth at least sometimes give yourself the opportunity to make severe everyday life a little brighter, happier, and fill it with adoring eyes of passers-by and compliments of the loved ones.

I picked for you 10 items of clothing, and and created trendy looks for Autumn - Winter 2013. But first, I’ll share with you a selection of winter looks 2013, which were created by other stylists with the same items. You may notice that their outfits are much more light and suited more for the fall, and warm enough just for the fall. For northern realities this winter style fits a little. However, the ideas of outfits are quite interesting and you can adopt something.

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As you can see these looks consist of combination of simple silhouettes with bright colors and prints, leather and fur. The typical and most trending combination is cropped pants or jeans and pumps. Personally, I liked the skillful combination of a down jacket and a pencil skirt. I took this on a note, as you can see below. =)

Fur coat with leather pants

Style Fall - Winter 2013 - 2014. Tips on creating outfits

Well, here it is the turn to consider the outfits that I picked up for you. They differ from the looks above, right? I think they are much better suited to the northern climate, and they can be safely worn as for work, as for walk. So let’s take a look at each look individually, and I will give some style advices on creating such outfits.

  • 1. White color is the color of winter! That is why the first look is designed in monochrome with predominance of the white color. Grey and black are added for the contrast to make the outfit brighter. Coat, created from textured material creates an air silhouette. Flat boots make walkings convenient. Choose skinny pants, so it will be easier to fill them in boots.
  • 2. Sheepskin coat is the one of the most popular items of the winter outerwear in countries with harsh winters. But since it looks rather bulky, turning us into the “Polar Bears”, it is better not to add more volume, and combine these coats with clothes in neutral colors and classic or casual cuts. Choose boots with stable heel, because, wearing heavy overcoats, it becomes more difficult to keep balance walking. For this look choose ankle boots with woolen pants or tight stretch skinny jeans.
  • 3. Sometimes winter monochrome brings people into depression. Therefore, it is important to periodically “shake” yourself, and add to daily outfit something a little more bright. A sweater and gloves in vibrant color is a great way to cheer yourself up. Hessian flat boots are very comfortable for walking. In general, this outfit is perfect for a date, because the fluffy texture of sweaters and coats will make the look romantic.
  • 4. Business style in the winter takes a slightly different sound - often people should change clothes in the office, because the dress code does not accept the boots, sweaters and so on. The solution may be a long classic with a pencil dress, supplemented with booties. Of course, this outfit is not for long walks, but if you plan a business meeting outside the office walls, this outfit fits perfect.

Style Fall - Winter 2013 - 2014. Tips on creating outfits

  • 5. Voluminous coats have become a real trend of recent years, and to wear oversize clothing correct is a real art form. It is best to combine a coat with clothes with minimalistic classic cuts, skinny pants, boots and shoes with a narrow bootleg. Boredom of the look can be diluted with bright details - for example, with a color scarf.
  • 6. That is the combination that I mentioned above - the down jacket and the pencil skirt. To wear skirts combined with short jackets is fraught, so I advise to choose a bodysuit as top. So it is warmer and more convenient to combine the top with a narrow skirt. With the long skirt is best to wear boots or ankle boots.
  • 7. Walking with friends - a great chance to wear something brighter, but still convenient. A long jacket made of printed fabric is a great choice. Wear your favorite jeans and sweater, and do not forget warm boots =)
  • 8. Again office style. A classic silhouette + vivid color = the perfect choice for the office outfit. Pick up ankle boots in coat’s color, and the look is ready! Wear cropped pants straight cut or skinny.
  • 9. Straight silhouette of a coat ceases to be boring again thanks to the color. Also pants with trendy plaid, houndstooth, narrow strip prints will fit perfect. Complete the look with boots with a wide bootleg.
  • 10. Leather and fur look great together, this combination is timeless and out the fashion. Putting on clothes dark pale colors, do not forget to add vivid detail, for example - a bag.

Which of the looks did you like and would like to try for yourself?

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I look forward to your comments, beauties!

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  1. Bex Doctor

    Seriously, I love everything! I wish I could wear such combo though…we don’t have snow :) I have some winter coats, i am saving them for countries I wish to be at during winter, haha. Great post hun.

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    • Eva Tornado

      I’m glad that you liked =) We don’t have snow too… sometimes I miss Russian winters :D



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