What to wear this fall? Fashion looks 2013

So, that's all ... Even Portuguese summer is over and we already have blowing cool ocean breeze, and that means it's time to think about what to wear this fall and to make ourselves trendy fall looks that will match as the world fashion trends as the mood and the weather as well. Today, I will write about what is trendy this fall 2013 and will make for you a selection of fall fashion looks that can cool diversify your wardrobe.

Speaking of fall wardrobe. Have you never was sad to leave your favorite summer clothes, changing them to a warm and practical fall items? Style blogger Ann Robie wrote about this in her blog, and told us which summer clothes you still can wear during the fall. Be sure to take a look at the looks picked up by Ann! Well, I'm beginning to share with you practical, purely fall fashion looks.

Photo by Loewe FW 2013/2014 Campaign

What to wear this fall? Fashion looks 2013

If you still don't know the main trends of the season, I quickly enumerate what is fashionable in fall 2013. In clothing these are - prints (stripes, houndstooth, animalistic, camo and etc.), textured materials (faux fur, feathers, python ), minimalism and graphic - A-line, broad shoulders, straight cut, resilient femininity - пfitting silhouettes, floral (oh, yes!) prints. Among the shoes, the most successful, as for me, is the tendency of wedged booties. More stable, but no less elegant than shoes with heels. Well, based on the trends, as well as on your own style, lifestyle and weather, you can make a lot of interesting fashion looks in fall 2013.

Talking about fall fashion looks, I would like to share as my vision of how you can look stylish in the coming season, as well share with you the looks of fashion bloggers who with their impeccable style long ago won the right to be called trendsetters. I, perhaps, will start with them, and my own looks I will leave for you "for a snack."

Fashion bloggers: Style looks of fall 2013

As you can see, all fall looks of fashion bloggers are tailored by trends 2013, by weather realities, and by their own style and peppered with the influence of street style, which always carries a little "craziness".

Photo of vogue.ru and fashion blogs

What to wear this fall? Fashion looks from Eva Tornado

I am not a trendsetter, but it seems (how is immodest to me personally :D), I have a fairly balanced taste in clothes, and in my head practicality combined with a desire to properly demonstrate myself through my look always prevails. So I prefer a smaller number of pieces: I mean, of course, not the half-naked form, but the absence of eclectic and multi-layer forms, and a minimalist approach to the use of details and accessories. Here I am nerd - accessories in my personal looks are extremely rare companions. Only if I cant avoid to use them, or whether the specific details just sunk into the soul. Also my allergy to metals of course, has played it's role.

Actually, here is my selection of fall looks. I want to separately pay attention to "picked" me trend - long gloves. Such beauty should be worn with short sleeves.

What are you planning to wear this fall? Do you have any favorite clothes in the wardrobe or you love to update it every season?