Winter Coats 2013 - 2014. Trendy outerwear for the cold season

For me, it's still unusual to write about such harsh things like warm outwear, especially when it's still hot out there. But fashion is fashion, and as a blogger and fashion lover I should describe the latest trends and share style tips ahead of time, so that you, my dear readers, have time to read, watch and decide what to choose for yourself before the season.

Photo Christian Dior FW 2013/2014 Campaign

Beautiful Winter Coats 2013 - 2014. Trendy outerwear for the cold season

This year as fashion classic winter coats with simple silhouettes as made ​​of fur, leather, cashmere, drape will be trendy. The choice of course depends on the climate, peculiarities of taste and lifestyle. The girls who drive cars will love more short and less warm pieces, but for those who love long winter walks, is better to choose warm winter fur coat. So as not to make a fuss, I think I'll share in my publication photos of warm winter coats and coats for more warm winter climate or suitable for car owners.

Speaking generally about trends, winter coats 2014 have a number of features. For example, designers are advised to wear not only fur, but also feathers, python skin, or to try a beautiful camo or floral prints on warm winter jackets, coats and fur coats. Of course, winter fur coats also remain out of competition - there is nothing that helps in the cold season better than real fur, so for Russian, American, Canadian or North-European harsh climate the fur can not be more timely in the winter. Also, the classics of the genre will be leather and woolen winter coats. I think that the leather coat more suits to those who use cars (thin skin has not the best thermal insulation properties, and if you wear a coat with a thick lining, it will be not very convenient to move around, and the coat's silhouette can distort the natural proportions of woman's body), but for walking is better to use thick woolen coat, very warm and rather thin cloth that will not hamper the movements.

Photo Chanel FW 2013/2014 Campaign

For those who like walking will be great to buy a winter coat with a hood, which will save you or your hair in a snow storm. If you have limited financial opportunities, try to buy the most universal model, perhaps with detachable lining, fur collar and hood. Then one single model can serve you in different situations. Well, if your choice is not limited, there will be a lot of room for imagination. I propose to look at the trendy and beautiful winter coats, jackets and coats of the leading world designers.

Winter coats. Pics of the hottest models of the season

  • Alexander Wang
  • Balenciaga
  • Chanel
  • Miu Miu
  • Slava Zaitsev
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Vika Gazinskaya

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