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Mission Gorongosa. Restoration of the National Park in Mozambique

Hello, kittens! Today, I write not about an european subject, but about of the world, and it is serious enough to write about it in the blog. Today I will talk about the project “Mission Gorongosa” aimed at restoring the eponymous national park in Mozambique.

Agora, o meu post é sobre a Missão Gorongosa - o projecto de Restauração da Parque Nacional da Gorongosa.

My walking. Portugal, Atlantic coast

Good night, my beauties! Today I had a wonderful walking on the beach and I decided to try to make a video for you to show you all the beauty of the Atlantic ocean and the portugal coast. Sure, neither my English nor my videography skills are not the best, but I hope this my little experience will let me in future make for you much better videos=) It’s very hard to shoot a video without a tripod… Anyway, this video will let you see all the beauty of the ocean, all the power of the nature, and you will like it! ^^

My walking. Mountains in Portugal

Hi, my lovely kittens! As I promised I share my pics from walking in mountains. I say “walking”, because it was really the walking. Porto is consist of two parts - coast and mountains. The district Valongo where we were is the part of Porto, so, it was just a walking, but not a real trip=)

Mountains in Portugal. Natural park Senhora do Salto

Blog: My sunday’s walking

Hi, my beautiful kittens! I am so glad to share with you not only my beauty-explorations, but my life too. I spend the most of my time searching the interesting beauty-information for you, making beauty-experiments, but sometimes I just go out for taking a pics, to drink coffee, to spend my time with friends. Today I was walking with my cam and I was shooting all around me for showing how I live and the places that I like to visit.

The first of all is my house. We live on the first floor, our old men (Sinhores) live on the second. =)

Hoje, vou mostrar-vos os meus fotos da minha caminhada no Domingo=) Fique comigo! Amo e beijo!=*

A minha casa=) A casa de Eva Tornado ^^. =)

Portuguese people in Porto

Hi, kittens! Today I was walking and taking pictures of all around me. So, from today I start to make a collection of pics of portuguese people. Sure, I will begin from the people, lives in in my city, in Porto.

My walk on a beach in Porto, Portugal

Hi, kittens! So, finally I am starting to do my own pictures for you and talk about my walkings, interesting places that I love to visit. Today I will share the pics from my walking to the beach in Porto, Portugal. If you remember, I live in Porto (though I am russian ;). Now here is the hot weather and a lot of peoples are visiting beaches. So, I visited too ;)

Hoje, eu comecei a compartilhar com vocês as minhas fotos dos meus passeios. Hoje, quero compartilhar as fotos da praia do Porto, Portugal. A praia é na Madalena.

Happy 4th of July!!!

My beloved kittens from the USA! It’s really big pleasure for me to congratulate you with the one of the greatest day of the United States Of America! I wish you to keep your liberty, independance and democracy to be the good example for all the world!=) I wish you spend this day bright, have fun and get a lot of pleasure! Enjoy this day, my kittens!

Happy 4th of July!

Blog. Today’s walk

Today I’ve been on the beach, spending time good, as well I’ve got the suntan. For the walk I’ve worn my self-made t-shirt for workout. You probably already saw a lot of tutorials how to make t-shirt for workout. So I need to say that this t-shirt is also good for the beach, cuz you can take a sunbathes on the way to the beach ;) The style of this workout’s t-shirts is very opened and it let the skin to be free and get the oxygen and as well the suntan. Just don’t forget to use your sunscreen BEFORE you go out=)

Blog. Shopping

I’m not a fan of shopping and I don’t use it for getting rid of bad moods and depression, but still, when sometimes I have a desire to shop, the shopping becomes a number 1 idea how to spend my time not only with a pleasure but also to good use. I ponder about every purchase that I make, and I decide for myself what I need this stuff for. There is no place for clothes, bought on impulse and never worn in my wardrobe. But before, I remember, I have suffered from this =) If I got a shopping card in hand - it was a disaster of purchases.

How to become a model? Daily routine of glossy beauties

I like to watch thru glossy magazines, look at the bright pics of beautiful models with incredible makeup and nice clothes. It makes me really crazy to look at the beauty. All this is very inspiring. But even the most fabulously beautiful pictures are a huge work of designers, photographers, stylists and, of course, of models.

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