5 trendy accessories of this summer

Accessories. Every girl loves these little trinkets. They complete our look making an image memorable and luxurious. Fashion designers have pleased us with a plenty of details on the catwalks in this year. Accessories have got the "green light" in this summer - they can (and should!) be used in large amounts, and their numbers will not embarrass anyone. Today they are fashionable.

Trendy accessories of this summer

My most favorite accessories' trend of this summer:

1. Bracelets. You can use as many as you wish. Preference for chains, wickerworks and mixing materials. You can choose stuff in the style of tribes, hippies, boho, glamour. And don't be afraid to mix different styles of jewelry! ;) Handmade is the trend. Don't be lazy to create for yourselves a couple of your own bracelets in this summer ! I have already published a lesson how to make a diy bracelet.


2. Rings. A volume items (sometimes with an aggressive design) are in a fashion. However, all the aggression of the skulls, rings-brass knuckles and spikes softens by materials: gold spikes and brass knuckles, also the sculls decorated with crystals look more glamorous than in punk-style. Also the one of the trends of the season is a way of connecting accessories (bracelets, rings, earrings and piercing in the nose) with the small beautiful chains.

3. Jewelries for the neck. All beads and necklaces resonate with the bracelets: it's the same mixture of styles and materials, colors and textures. It is also advisable to use a few items on your neck. The crystals, chains, threads, plastic beads and ribbons are all trendy, and you are able to do the necklaces yourselves, like the bracelets, I wrote above.


4. Earrings. Earrings in different sizes and materials are trendy. From small pearls and spikes till large accessories in the form of american indian dream catchers. The main thing is the correct connecting the earings with other jewelries or with clothes. It is also trendy to decorate all the edge of the ear with the earrings and piercing, as well as connect earings with lil chains.


5. Hair's accessories. The most trendy and my favorite hair-stuff of this year are hair bands and flowers. The hair bands remind about the 50s and pin-up models. The flowers perfectly look with any feminine hairstyle. You can use them for romantic images, for the hippie and boho styles, glamor style, and even casual-style. They will just accent your femininity.

Hair bands

Don't forget to use the accessories! Take care of your beauty! Big kisses to you, my dear! Meaow=*