Cute DIY accessory. Bracelet

To create yourself a nice little accessory for the upcoming date is not so difficult =)

We need only:

* satin ribbon

* large beads in your fave colors

* fantasy

Necklace from ribbon and beads

That's I used:

Ribbon and beads

So, depending on what accessories you want to create (bracelet or necklace) cut the ribbon on a third longer than the length needed accessory.

To be comfortable stringing beads fix the ribbon with the needle and thread. Thus, using needle, we will string beads and the thread will lead the ribbon in the hole.

Let's Get Started! Choose the order in which your beads will go. Then string the beads, and after each bead tie the knot of the ribbon. It will fix the beads in the same place. When you will finish the ends of the ribbon can be tied. You don't need special fasteners!

That's I created:

DIY bracelet

If you prefer you can attach to the knot pendants decorated with sequins and rhinestones with a "hot gun". Just what your fantasy will create!

Take care of your beauty! Big kisses for you! Meaow=*