Picnic or Camping. How to Look Stylish and Fashionable

The summer is the season of the rest and even big hardworkers use their leisure time of activity for campings. For russian people it's normally to use old clothes for picnics. But for real fashionistas or girls who take care of their images is very important to look stylish even on picnic or camping. Don't hide your beauty! Cuz you will take pics and share them with your friends in Facebook :D

Picture by Kalina kalinagfotos.com

Picnic or Camping. How to Look Stylish and Fashionable

I present you three looks for picnics. Main rules: choose clothes made from fabrics that are very easy to wash; forget about glitter, sequins, rhinestones - all small details that can be damaged or lost; use shoes without hills - you have no asphalt outdoors and you can damage your feet with platforms.

I love bright colors. They are cool and also they are quite useful outdoors - will be difficult to get lost.

Denim is a best friend while camping. It's versatil and usable. Zero problems with this fabric!

If you want to have fun, make an outfit with comic prints. Personally I love this idea mostly! ♥

Here are more outfit ideas for camping ♥

Take care of you and don't hide your beauty! Big kisses to you all, babes! Meaow=**