How to: cut jeans and decorate shorts

Every spring I arrange a real "fitness-torture" for my body just for as soon as possible to wear my favorite denim shorts ... Jeans by itself is permanent resident of our wardrobes, but the shorts are a special girl's weakness. Especially now, when the jeans shorts of all colors, sizes and styles are trendy. We can give a second life to the jeans by making shorts with our hands. Do you remember that handmade staff is in fashion of this summer? ;)

Denim shorts is a trend

I will suggest few ways for transformation of your jeans. Let's start with the main thing: how to cut the legs. It's important to be a little more self-critical than usually, and to choose the length of the legs depending on your shape and skin's condition. If you have some problems it's better don't show them and don't shock people, geting the award "the worst style of the Year". When you decide what the length you want (it can be knee-deep, and short, almost like panties), do marks of a length (using a measuring tape) along the lines of leg's seams as in front as well behind. Connect the marks with lines. It's better to cut off the legs a couple of inches longer of the planned length, so then you will have the "space" for correction. When you cut the legs off, you will have options: hem edges or roll them, or break, giving them a tough look. It all depends of your own style. Actually, this process is not difficult for me, I have a lot of cutted jeans. :D Today I want to write about some trends in the design of the shorts that are very easy to make oneself. And you'll be the coolest ;)

Jeans is my fave clothes

One of the most fashionable ways to style the shorts of the season is a coloring. Paints, prints, color palette - you can choose whatever you want with your imagination. If you want to change the color of the shorts completely they need to be bleached. For this fill the spray-bottle with a concentrated bleach and sprinkle the bleaching liquid along all the shorts. It must impregnate the shorts. Leave them for few hours until the paint does not come down. After that wash the shorts thoroughly with water. Stitches should remain blue only . Dry shorts, so they gotta be a little wet. Prepare a special paint for fabric (is available at sewing stores). It should be in liquid form (the dry one you can dissolve in water according to instructions). Apply the liquid paint on the shorts from both sides. If you want to color your shorts with few colors or with the effect of Ombre then use several colors of paint. And apply them one by one, mixing them at the borders. Above all, remember that the colors should resonate with the palette, cuz when they are mixing they create an intermediate tone. For example, red and blue: when they are mixed they create violet at the border. Blue and yellow - green. And so on. Remember the gradation of colors of a rainbow ;) If you want to make a special picture then make a stencil, apply the contours with the acrylic marker, and then paint with acrylic paints, or with the same marker. The pic below shows that should be.

How to color shorts

If you have a sewing machine and a little bit of sewing skills, you can decorate your shorts using parts of other types of a fabric. For example, you can cut off the "native" pockets, and sew the pockets from the another fabric. Or you can sew pieces of the fabric over the shorts, creating patches in the style of "patchwork". If you have a fabric's fringe you can place it on the pockets' edges in a cowboy-style. For a romantic look you can use a crocheted doily. Cut out pattern and sew it to the shorts. So you can decorate the edges of the legs only, or the pockets, or some parts of the shorts.

How to decorate the shorts

Well, if you don't want to bother, the easiest way to make your trendy shorts is to break it. Make one or more longitudinal horizontal cuts in front of the shorts (don't damage your pockets!). If the pocket will hang around don't worry! It's even fashionable. Tip: the "plucking" threads with fingers for creating the fringe takes a long time. Try to use forceps. But the best way, oddly enough, is to use tweezers for the salad :D

well-worn jeans shorts

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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