How to become a model? Daily routine of glossy beauties

I like to watch thru glossy magazines, look at the bright pics of beautiful models with incredible makeup and nice clothes. It makes me really crazy to look at the beauty. All this is very inspiring. But even the most fabulously beautiful pictures are a huge work of designers, photographers, stylists and, of course, of models.

Defile's backstage

Many young girls dream how to become a model, watching the show "America's Next Top Model", looking at the bright pictures in magazines and online, glossy beauties' smiling faces, but do they understand what is hidden behind this smile? Be beautiful - this is the main work of modeling. And to be beautiful is the hard job.

Who thinks how is hard this job? Every day the beauty takes a part from one (if it's a great campaign of a famous brand) till 5 shots. Endless changing of clothes (sometimes changing to 200 outfits!), make-up and hairstyles, positions, and sometimes she hears nervous shouts of photographers (they are tired too, actually). All the day is like that. Sometimes the photo shoots is the non-stop work for 16 hours! And then a little nosh, and go on the rehearsal of the show, or on the defile. And the girl have no right to look dull. It's her job: to bring designer's creativity, beauty, created by stylists to people. And then, after the show - a plane ... London-Paris-New York - Milan ... and these trips are not seem romantic when you dream only about the little cozy bed ...

Defile's backstage

Defile's backstage

In real life the models almost don't have pauses. Even the famous beauties, who have great fees, have a little time to spend this money. What to say about their less popular friends. They must work without the rest to earn money, and, at times, not in the best environment.

Natasha Poly

I follow two my fave models: Natasha Poly and Barbara Palvin. Every day looking through the publications of famous beauties, I think, "Oh, my God, do poor girls rest at all?" Regular flights, public's attention, and work-work-work ... I was touched by the words of Natasha, in her comment to own pics with the boxes for transportation of stuff: "It's very strange to see own life packed into boxes." And Barbara is a little upset each time leaving the house (despite her love to the job and boundless energy of the youth): "Good buy, my flowers."

Barbara Palvin

You know, now I respect beautiful models even more. They work days and nights to bring the beauty to the world, inspiring not only artists, but also usual women to become better, to be the etalon of a human perfection. Thank you, dear girls, for your job in the name of beauty!