Blog. Shopping

I'm not a fan of shopping and I don't use it for getting rid of bad moods and depression, but still, when sometimes I have a desire to shop, the shopping becomes a number 1 idea how to spend my time not only with a pleasure but also to good use. I ponder about every purchase that I make, and I decide for myself what I need this stuff for. There is no place for clothes, bought on impulse and never worn in my wardrobe. But before, I remember, I have suffered from this =) If I got a shopping card in hand - it was a disaster of purchases.

Now I more calm choose not only clothing, but also household items and food. Before I do shopping, I think three times, is this stuff really necessary? Or it's a usual desire under the influence of a "emotional hunger" =) This approach let me to save money and my nerves, and also the space in my wardrobe. There are no taxes for chinese brands in Portugal, but for the fashion brands it's better to go to Milan, Paris and London ;)

Take care of your beauty! Love you-kiss you! Meaow=*